June 23, 2012

Taught my friend Cheri who is visiting from the Seattle area how to make a Dresden Plate.  Cheri lost her mom recently. She needed to get out of town, take a break and hang out with me....
so of course, I took total advantage of her and made her quilt!
Today she heads home but not until I stitch something fun onto her Dresden!
Last January a group of my friends and I gathered to make a forest posted here...just finished quilting this for Cheryl while Cheri was making her Dresden
Simple loops with a few stars stitched in 
here and there


  1. Karen, So neat to have a dear friend like you for Cheryl--- I am sure you both treasured your time together this week!

    Beautiful dresden plate and the trees are darling.

    XX, Carolyn

  2. Wow, the trees look beautiful Karen! Thanks! Now, you need to finish yours! Next, you need to teach me the dresden plate. All I see are men's ties!

  3. What great therapy for Cheri. Quilting takes your mind off everything else except quilting. I love your "ghost" trees.....wonderful idea.

  4. Dresden's are my all time fav block!! How great you took your friend under your quilting wing!

  5. awsome quilt

  6. Cheri's Dresden Plate is delightful. :) And I love your 'forest'. :p



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