December 8, 2011

 Carol asked me to cut apart these three ladies who were sewn together separated by a red and cream check block.  She would like to frame them for Christmas presents.  I think these were made by her mother years ago.  I cut them apart saving the red and cream check for a border.  After sleeping on it and 'dreaming' about them, i came across this star fabric which complimented them nicely.  I was going to use the red and cream check as an tiny inner border and the star fabric as the outer border or vice versa....the typical strips around the block.  It just did not feel right and seemed like a simple unattractive way to frame these ladies.  So, i appliqued over the top of each, a circle frame...
Here they are all loaded on my Gammill...
I stitched around each lady first, then stitched peacock feathers using Superior 'So Fine!' thread
 Completed the blocks with echoed circles 

Couple other quilts finished. Susan's, quilted with Monkey Tails
 and Cindy's spool quilt with Echoed Flowers


  1. You did a fantastic recycling job on these ladies!

  2. beautiful ladies, I have that problem with the photo's sometimes!!!!!The spools rule!

  3. Que señoras tan elegantes y que bonitas colchas. Los acolchados maravillosos.



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