November 1, 2010

Couple weeks ago i went to the beach with my girlfriends...we all make the same quilt, share our fabric stash, sew, eat, sew, eat....i have to finish mine up with more sashing strips between the rows of churn dash blocks,
then comes the border.

I wanted to post these next few pictures for my quilt club at church. We are working on the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt with many many small pieces. Because of the small blocks, precision piecing is especially important....and sometimes difficult!!

Here is an example on my recent quilt, stitching through intersections. In the points facing downwards, I missed the intersection on the right point when I added the sashing and left too much background fabric showing. The points on the sides are cut off because of my photography...just say'n :)

Here is the reverse side ...You can see that i am off here. I should stitch right through the intersection.


when i have intersections like these on a quilt, i try to press the seams in the direction which allows me to see the intersections. Sometimes this is not possible and so i set a pin or sometimes baste through and make sure i hit it just right before stitching the seam. But as you see....sometimes it does not always happen!
Here was the scene at our home this weekend. Both my son's Tucker and Mason were home from college. This is Tucker snuggled up with his C.S. Lewis book.
And this is Mason, snuggled up reading Harry Potter. Mason started reading these books when he was in 4th grade and Harry Potter is why he loves books today. Mason has asked me to read these books for so long now, and i have not yet he started for me. As i was loading a quilt, he read to me.
Week Forty Four: November 1st-7th
1. getting blocks cut for my Farmer's Wife class
2. continue to work on Carol's vintage quilts
3. if i have to get the rest of the sashing on my recent quilt!


  1. Oh, so nice of your son to read for you when you worked with the quilt. Such a good boy.
    When I have intersections, I always sew a few, long test stitches throug the intersections before I sew the seams (is this undestandable?. If there are several intersections, I do the test stitches through all intersections before I sew the seams.

  2. Your Churn Dash blocks are wonderful ---I love this vintage look---what a treasure!

    What fun you had with your friend making all those great memories together.

    Thanks for sharing, Carolyn

  3. Your son reading to you is testimony to his love of you, and Harry Potter. My sons also have loved these books and because of their insistence I read them. I have even read the last 2 books twice! For a series of books to have succeeded in getting a generation of children reading they must have something!



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