April 18, 2014

A break from the world of quilting to focus on a real need

Meet my son Tucker...
he's an amazing man. I say that not because he's my son...but truly those who know him think so too. 

He has a great passion and desire to give of himself to help others.

Today he works for a nonprofit organization called Peak 7. The organization provides outdoor adventures for many 'at risk' kids. And there are so many of them today. Not only does Tucker work for Peak 7 but he volunteers many hours guiding rafting trips and other high adventure experiences, mentoring and sharing his love with those in need.

Please consider a few moments of your time to learn about Peak 7 and how you can help those who so desperately need our attention.

Tucker asked if i would spread the word to help raise funds for an upcoming Peak 7 adventure. You'll find more information HERE on the trip and how you can help.  

Once a donation is made you will receive an instant emailed tax-deductible receipt.

I don't do this sort of thing on my blog but i have a huge heart for our youth...especially those in their teenage years and especially those who come from homes filled with dissolution.

thank you for your consideration... 

Read this recent Spokane Newspaper article...HERE
Tucker being Tucker...

April 13, 2014

New May Basket Stitchery Patterns!!

Check out my new Stitchery's!!   Well they're are not all mine...i'm collaborating with a dear friend who i've know since childhood.  Her name is Holly Wojahn and she is an amazing artist!  See some of her work on Pinterest  

Together we are beginning a long talked about new adventure...called ChezStitchery. She is ChezHolly and i'm ChezKaren.  We've been linked together with those names since the early 1990's!  
We've opened a new Craftsy Pattern Store where you will find our line of stitchery and quilts!  You'll find it HERE

Who doesn't love Spring??  Welcome Spring into your home with these beautiful May Baskets filled with our favorite flowers.
Each basket pattern sells for $3 or you can purchase the collection of 4 for only $9.

Make 4 sweet individual pillows, or sash around each basket block with a 2" sashing and finish with your favorite border fabric. A delightful welcome banner or a cheerful wall hanging! 

Easy embroidery methods...running stitch, satin stitch and french knot for the eyes.

Follow us on our new ChezStitchery Pattern Store on Craftsy!
We're going to have a surprise drawing!!!!

Enjoy your Spring!!!   We are!

April 11, 2014

Hey girls... just imagine your men in this! LOL

"Friday Fashion - Portland, Oregon 

What is trending in Portland? These hot new shorts for men that every guy is wearing around town. You know you want them."

This is straight from the Keep Portland Weird Facebook page and I just had to share!!  

I just say no!...but then again, hum...

Nothing surprises me in Portland.

April 8, 2014

My Kind of Farming!

I thought this would be a great color palette for a Farmer's Wife quilt!!  Don't you think?
Check out all the great photos on our Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Flickr group HERE  
If you are involved in taking the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes...and  have not joined the flickr group yet...you really should!  Great bits of information and tips to help you through the journey.
If you are interested in learning how you can successfully complete your Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt....visit My Pattern Link HERE  

Isn't this just the best picture????  I found it on the Vogue Knitting facebook page....Easter Sheep!

April 7, 2014

Coming to you from beautiful Kauai

Son #2 Jeffrey... got married yesterday
On a quilty note...check out my new blog post for Craftsy HERE
The post informs quilters on How to prepare a quilt for longarm quilting.  I hope my Craftsy Post will also be usefulful for my longarm quilting friends

March 31, 2014

Pattern Winners Announced!

Thank you everyone for participating in the Lattice Star pattern give~away.  I enjoy traveling the world 'in my mind' as i read everyone's comments...where you live and your favorite spring flower! 
 I have two winners...from other parts of the globe!
Congratulations...i've sent an emailed copy of the patterns to you both.   

The winner for a copy of Lattice Stars goes to:

I am a new follower. i love in Saskatoon Sask and my favourite flower is the pansy - hardy little soul that it is. Thanks so much for sharing. Lovely quilt.

For a copy of Lattice Stars and 'your choice' for a second pattern from my Craftsy Store...goes to:
  1. I LOVE this quilt ! I am following you now here!!


    1. Oh!! I´m from Lisbon, Portugal! And i love Tulips!!
  2. I'm now a follower of your Craftsy store and think Poppa's Tree Farm is so cute.

  3. Of course, if you would like to purchase my patterns you'll find them all HERE.  Most of my patterns sell for only $5.  

March 28, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 4 available Today

Do you have a copy of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book?  Love all those blocks but not keen on cutting and piecing templates?  Maybe you have a handful of blocks finished and put them aside with little interest in picking it back up.

In January 2014, i published Class One (with the permission from the author) and will continue publishing classes through December 2014.  Each month includes approximately 10 blocks with final instructions on putting the quilt all together.  Perhaps you'd like to use the blocks you've made and put them into a nice table topper/wall hanging/baby quilt.  Class 3 (HERE) offers a pattern to do so!

Today i published Class 4 and it can be purchased through various options. On my Crafty Pattern Store found HERE, my Etsy Shop found HERE or PayPal found on my sidebar. 
Please visit 'My Patterns' for clarification if you choose to order patterns directly from my blog.
If you are new to this class series, i recommend beginning with Class One.  You can read more about it HERE

I also just published a FREE guide to my 5 Golden Rules
 (quilting rules that is)
you'll find it available for download on my 
Craftsy Pattern Store HERE

March 25, 2014

Pattern Give~Away

This is my newest pattern 'Lattice Stars'...and i'm giving one away! Okay, maybe more than one.  lol
Here are the rules...don't ya just hate to follow rules?  i do

1. Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment to win an emailed pdf copy of Lattice Stars.  Simply tell me where you live and your favorite spring flower.

2.  For a second chance to win...become a follower here on my blog AND on my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE + pick another pattern of your choice from my Craftsy store!  Let me know in your comment below you are following me on Craftsy too and don't forget to tell me which pattern you would like to have in addition to Lattice Stars!
(Pattern choice excludes Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes)

Give ~Away runs today until Sunday March 30th, midnight PST.
Winner's announced Monday March 31st.
Winnings will be sent in an emailed pdf form.
My Lucky Dog will pick the winners!!


March 23, 2014

SpringyTime table runner patttern

Easter is just around the corner...still time to throw together a cute springy table runner!
This table runner is made up of 6-1/2" Farmer's Wife blocks and combined with Bonnie and Camille's 'Happy Go Lucky' fabrics.  
If you'd rather not use your Farmer's Wife blocks (or have no interests in make the Farmer's Wife ...just substitute other cute 6-1/2" blocks.  I think star blocks would be great!!
Pattern for this SpringyTime table runner is included in the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 2.  You will find it HERE

My Lucky dog...always sneaking in the pic when i'm not looking!!

Here's a free fun and easy star block that can be substituted for Farmer's Wife blocks...
Instructions for this star block can be found HERE (make sure you scroll down to find the 6" finished instructions)
Purchase the SpringyTime table runner pattern HERE to complete the runner.

March 21, 2014

Fat Quarter Bundle +

I know the Aqua and Red fabric combos have been hot!  Such a great feel for summer!!!...check out this bundle from Jane's Fabric Shop.  I'm kinda digg'n the pink in the floral fabric fatquarter too.  

Love these daisys!!!

Speaking of the pink....look at this grouping!!  
Also found at Jane's!
Another shot of my little Farmer's Wife table cloth.  Made with 25 farmer's wife blocks and pattern is included with Class Three
The Sandy River in the background...
i think this might be the perfect picnic quilt!

Oh but wait!....what about this fabric collection at Janes???
I can see those 6-1/2" blocks now!!
So many beautiful color options!
For more information on the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival classes....Click HERE

March 17, 2014

Light pad

I recently purchased this lightpad by ArtOGraph...always wanted a 'real one'.  I usually use a window for my tracings...works fine, but i wanted to step up!  So glad i did!!  It is very bright, comes with a plug in and a nice soft cover.  Mine measures 9" x 12" lighted space.  There are smaller and a larger sizes available too. 
Getting ready to stitch up a new pattern...Soooo sweet!
Interested in your own lightpad?  Click on the Amazon link to learn more.

March 15, 2014

Craftsy Sale!!


Do you love taking Craftsy Classes??  Check out the Spring Sale going on now!  Here's a couple of my favorite classes! 
each offering 3+ hours of class instruction for only $24.99!!

Did you know once you purchase a class from Craftsy you can watch it wherever and whenever you want and it NEVER expires?!  How awesome is that??  Click on the Craftsy banner above to view all the classes.  If you want to see just the quilting classes...click on 'quilting' under categories on the left side of the Craftsy page.

oh...and while your visiting Craftsy...hop over to My Pattern Store too!  New Pattern available...Lattice Stars for only $5!!

March 14, 2014

Lattice Stars pattern only $5!

With a collaborative effort, my quilty friend Jan and i bring you           Lattice Stars. This soft gray fabric is a Moda Marble paired with a variety of reds for the stars.  Another great stash buster!  You'll find the pattern now available for only $5 on My Craftsy Pattern StoreEtsy Shop or view My Patterns for more purchase options.

March 13, 2014

Lattice Stars

This beauty made by my friend Jan...pattern will be available with more pictures on my blog tomorrow!

March 10, 2014


These photos are taken from Amber's blog A Little Bit Biased.  
You guessed it...another Farmer's Wife quilt!  I really want you all to see Amber's quilt...not only showing the beauty of a two color quilt but more importantly, her discipline for contrast in each block.
Contrast is very important to the effectiveness of a block...or quilt.  
When making a block, choose fabrics you love.  Big prints, small prints, lights and darks.  Close up they may look great together, but place them on a design wall and stand back a few feet.  Can you really see the difference in the fabrics?  Do they stand on their own or get lost next to each other?
Straw hats off to Amber with a fantastic job on contrast!  And with only 2 colors!  Applause!!
To read about and see more photos of her gorgeous Farmer's Wife quilt...click HERE.  Thank you Amber for allowing me to share your quilt!

March 6, 2014

Cheery quilt topper makes the gray day brighter.

Class 3 of the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival includes a pattern for this 25 block table cloth. Finished longarming it yesterday, binding this weekend...then i'll show the entire finished top! Hopefully the sun will shine and i can get a decent photo. 
Low dark clouds today, rain, a bit of wind...and we will loose an hour of sleep this weekend.  Oh joy.  But I love the longer days!!

This beautiful quilt was made by my friend Bev of 44th Street Fabric blog
See more of Bev's work HERE


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