November 24, 2015


Sharing a couple new photos of  Poppa's Tree Farm quilt!
Just finished quilting Susan's and i just LOVE her background fabric!!

Looking for a non~traditional twist to Poppa's Tree Farm?  
I received this photo from Beverly.  Her church quilt group auctioned off this fun festive tree farm!  Thanks Bev for choosing Poppa's Tree Farm for your auction quilt!   W0W! Santa won't miss this house!  

 Here is my original quilt and a couple other versions.  

 I love blue and white!!  Keep this one displayed all winter long!!

 My snow covered trees...

Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern is ON SALE for $5.00 today through Monday Nov. 30th! 
Find it on Etsy, Craftsy or here on my Blog
Instant downloads are available only on Etsy and Craftsy...if you purchase through my blog, i will email the pattern to you within 48 hours or less.  

Looking for fabric?  Visit the 44th Street Fabric Shop....they are having a sale too!

November 17, 2015

Check this out...

Last year i was contacted by April from British Columbia.  April wanted to hold a monthly 'Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt~Along' using my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival instructions.  
Over 10 farm wives participated in April's monthly gatherings at Sundrop Textiles plowing through each block.  April's guidance has been unfailing.  In January the Sundrop Textile class will meet again to compile their blocks into lovely quilts. 
 It is an honor to work with you April!  Thank you!

Enjoy this look at April's blocks contained in her beautiful class collages.

Interested in Farming?  

Want to start a 'Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt~Along' at your shop?
Email me for details

November 13, 2015

'Make it Square...Part Two'

Today Craftsy published my second blog post installment on the importance of 'Make it Square'.

Many of you may already know the basics for squaring up completed quilt blocks.  In my Craftsy post i take a look inside each block, taking care that every step measures up.  

Click on the link above to read this post.

 How to Square up Fabric Yardage 
Make the first cut count!  Learn the importance of squaring up fabric yardage in my first 'Make it Square' installment. 

Click here to find all Craftsy blog posts by Karen Walker.  

  Feel free to share them with your quilty friends too!  :)

Look for my next Craftsy post:   
'Can a Christmas Tree Skirt be loaded onto a Longarm?'. 
Coming out towards the end of the month.

If you are looking for a longarm quilter...i'd love to quilt for you!
Each one of these links are found at the top of my blog, just under Lucy.  
Learn, Grow, Quilt!

November 6, 2015

Christmas Sampler

Finished this Sampler today

Loaded it a few days ago....

Quilted the final feather border this afternoon

The back...

The photos turned out such a funny color....why does that happen??

See a few more front photos of the Christmas Sampler 
Pattern can be found HERE

I used a Hobbs 80/20 batting with various colors of So Fine thread from Superior.

November 5, 2015

fReE mOtIoN!!

Tis the Season and my needle is warmed up and running wild.  
Here are a few pics of my recent custom finishes 

This cute VW pattern is called Road Trip and found at

October 30, 2015

Fabric Kits available for Pumpkin Spice

Kathy of Tamarack Shack recently quilted up a Pumpkin Spice quilt made by her friend Rae.
I love the darker borders used in Rae's rendition of my pattern. 

 I can't tell for sure, but I think the borders and dark colors are actually blue?  You'll have to read Kathy's Pumpkin Spice blog post for more details and pictures.

Photo by Tamarack Shack

Rhonda of OlieandEvie has a limited amount of fabric kits available for Pumpkin Spice.  
Click on the highlighted OlieandEvie link to find these lovely fabric kits!

Photo by OlieandEvie

Need the pattern

Pumpkin Spice goes together so quickly using the Magic 8 method. This method is included in the instructions along with how to place the half square triangles to make this quilt sparkle!

Beautiful quilt Rae!  Thank you! and Thank you Kathy for sharing!!

October 27, 2015

How to square up fabric yardage...

Earlier this month i wrote a blog post for Craftsy titled,
It covers how i square up fabric yardage before getting busy cutting strips, squares, rectangles and assorted shapes for quilt blocks.

One thing i failed to mention in my Craftsy blog post (and if someone has a thought on this, please do share in the comment section below) many times fabric designs are printed off grain.  This is more commonly found in less expensive fabrics.  However, busy prints, small prints, etc. will tend to hide this imperfection when pieced inside a block. Good quality fabrics will most likely have the designs printed close to 'square' with the fabric grain.  

Learn the importance of Squaring up Fabric Yardage and share my Craftsy post with your quilting friends!  Just click on the blue links above to find it!  

My next Craftsy blog post is coming out on on November 12th.  It's titled, 
Make it Square Part 2: How to Square up Quilt Blocks and Borders.
Learn, Grow, Quilt!

October 16, 2015

Quilting up Pumpkin Pies!

Here's a look at my new Cinderella Pumpkins Pattern 

I finished quilting this larger wall hanging last night and as i prepared my iron gave out!  Ahhh!!! you know how hard it is to sew on a binding that is not pressed well?  
Don't do it!  Lol
For the wall hanging above, I used a double layer of Hobbs 80/20 which makes the quilting really pop!  So Fine from Superior Threads for my free hand feather doodles, micro stippling and ruler work. Stitch length was set at 20 stitches per inch.  Stitched in the ditch around each pumpkin and used my favorite curved templates by Linda Hrcka to create the pinched squares.   

This is my Halloween version quilted with free hand Pumpkin Seeds and Feathers.  
 A double layer of black Hobbs 80/20 for my Halloween runner and So Fine Threads.

Find my Cinderella Pumpkins pattern.

October 8, 2015

Community Giving Campaign Raffles off Pumpkin Spice!

I am honored to have my Pumpkin Spice pattern turned into this lovely quilt and being used to raise money for the United Way annual Community Giving Campaign event.

Employees of the Mayo Clinic participate in this event every year.  Pumpkin Spice, made by Mayo Clinic employees, is being raffled for $2 a ticket. 

Within the first week over 500 tickets were sold!  
 Would you like a chance to win this Queen Size 
Pumpkin Spice quilt??
The raffle drawing is open to everyone!  Help raise money for this wonderful event by purchasing a chance to win this gorgeous quilt!                                 
Information is provided below
 Raffle ends October 24th, drawing is October 28th.  

"Rita Radil and Lori Heimer this year made a queen size fall quilt from the pattern titled "Pumpkin Spice" by  Karen M. Walker.   Variegated leaves are sewn throughout the quilt.    If interested in purchasing raffle tickets, you can contact Rita Radil at and she will contact you with further details on how to get your tickets.    Please be sure and under the subject line type in "Raffle tickets for Community Giving."   If you purchase tickets and win the quilt, you are responsible for Shipping and Handling if you cannot pick it up." 

Funds support the local communities of 
Olmsted County Minnesota. 
Read more about the Community Giving 2015 Campaign  

October 5, 2015

Cinderella Pumpkins!

Announcing my new Cinderella Pumpkins Pattern!   Available now in my Craftsy Pattern StoreEtsy Shop and here on my blog.  
 Fun for the Fall season... My Harvest Cinderella's (above) remind me of the ghost pumpkins!

 There are 3 sizes included in the pattern.

A 2 x 3 Harvest Cinderella Pumpkin wall hanging, 
measuring 36" x 30" 

The 1 x 4 Halloween Cinderellas make a perfect door or porch hanging...measuring 20" x 39"
As you can see in the above picture...sometimes patterns change as they are stitched together.  After making these Halloween Cinderella's...i decided there was no need for the extra i eliminated it in the Harvest Cinderella Pumpkins and wrote the pattern accordingly.

A Pillow Pattern is also to come!


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