September 15, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

A few weeks back my friend Bev asked if i'd like to play in the Around the World Blog Hop.  Sure!  It's a way to share blogs and hope you find someone new!
If you've not met Bev, she's a whimsical lady, full of bright colors and smiles.  She blogs almost daily showing off her recent accomplishments...she puts me to shame!!  I don't know how you get so much done Miss Bev!  And every block you piece is delicious!  Visit Bev's Around the World Blog post HERE

For the 'hop' i'm to answer a few questions....

1.  What am i working on?
I really don't like that question.  It gives me a headache to think of all my unfinished projects!!
Currently...and seems like always, The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. 

I'm also working working on Winter Solstice By Country Threads...really cute quilt!  I love to applique!

2.  Why do i create what i do?
Heck if i know...i guess it's just something God put inside of me.
Or it's an

3.  How does my creative process work?  I'm not sure 'how' but i know when!  In the middle of the night or in the shower.

4.  A bit about me...
I've been sewing since 13.  Pieced and tied my first quilt with my Grandma.  I made a whole ski outfit when i was 16.  What a beaut it was...and i in it!  
Red and white stripes!  oh my!

I started working part-time at a local quilt shop when my sons were in school, worked for fabric at Mainstreet Cloth and Mercantile.  If you have this addition of Quilt Sampler laying around...thumb through it, you'll see me! 

 Then came my longarm.

Then pattern designing

I also love working in wool...another passion.

To sum me up...there are never enough hours in the day!  People sometimes say 'work gets in the way'.  Not for me...making dinner gets in my way! 
 My poor husband. He's a good sport.

I'm inviting Rhonda and Jeri to play along in the Around the World Blog Hop...and their blog post will be up next Monday the 22nd.  I'll link to their blogs next week!  So stop back by and meet someone new!

September 9, 2014

Keep'n it real...

This pretty little Farmer's Wife block called Country Path 
has had Susan...pulling her hair out! The instructions to make this block can be found in my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 8.  

I hope Susan has some hair left...she found an error in the cutting measurements. Tried as she might to make it all fit together...she figure out where the mistake was made and brought it to my attention.

The small squares encircling the center square should be cut to 1-9/16" instead of 1-5/8".  Such a slight slight different in size...yet so critical.  I have corrected the instructions for those who purchased through Craftsy a notice will be send via email....

Pencil in this correction on your pattern now.  It is block #24, Country Path...from Class 8.
Thank you are my best critic!  I appreciate you!  

September 6, 2014

Took my Bernina outside to play

I just couldn't find any reason to stay inside and farm today
 my harvest

Show off your Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks HERE!

September 4, 2014

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 9 is now available

The Farmlands are spreading!  
I spent over an hour online today chatting with Farmer's all over the world!  It gives me goose bumps!  
From Australia, Italy, Sweden, Canada, USA, Hungary, UK, South Africa...and more!
So strange how easily we can gather together and share our passion.  But oh so wonderful!

Class 9 is now available...we'll be uncovering a couple new techniques in Class 9.  You'll find purchase options HERE

If you are just starting to Farm or need some fabric inspiration...i have another special online shop with a beautiful Farmer's Wife 'Starter Kit'!

 is offering a 30 Fat Quarter Bundle from this soft and sweet fabric line, 'Flower Sugar' from Lecien.  30 Fat Eights are available too!...just perfect for a Farmer's Wife Quilt!  Run over to Jane's blog to see her fabulous Farmer blocks using this line.  Find her HERE

 Love the gingham check
 and the polka dots!!!
Happy Farming!

September 3, 2014

One year later....

Seven Quilt Patterns, One collaborative Embroidery Pattern and my Ninth Farmer's Wife Lesson to be published on September 5th.

To the many quilters who have reached out to me...helped me tremendously through their efforts of knowledge, support, promotion of my patterns on their blogs and kind words....

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fall is in the air and a newness is wrestling in my bones.
What will the next 12 months bring?

You'll find more about each pattern... HERE

August 28, 2014

Scrappy Fabric Bundles...Miss Kate, Vintage Farmhouse and More!

Looking for some great Scrappy Starter Kits?  These Fat Eighths are hand selected, bundled and perfect to begin any scrappy quilt!
Especially The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt!  hint hint...

If traditional is the look for you...this starter kit below, includes lots of fabrics from Kim Diehl's 'Vintage Farmhouse'  and  'Down to Earth' from the Buggy Barn.  The ideal choice for making your quilt sparkle.
Rhonda from oLie & EviE is offering (36) 9" x 22" strips (that's 4.5 yards) for $49.45 plus'll find them HERE
Or Email Rhonda here:

Looking for a lighter feel for your Farmer's Wife Quilt?
Feast your eyes on this Fat Eighths bundle of 'Miss Kate' by Bonnie and Camille.  A collection of (40) 9" x 22" strips for only $53.00 plus shipping.  Interested in this refreshing group?  You'll find it HERE Or Email Rhonda here:

For this bright whimsical grouping of 36 Fat Eighths below,
Contact Bev here:
Only $49.45 plus shipping.

Looking for Soft and Sweet?  Jane has this beautiful line of Flower Sugar by Lecien ready for your farm!  Find Jane and her pricing HERE

W0W!!!  4 incredibly yummy bundles...all different, each one full of splendid fabric choices to begin your Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt! 
 Join the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival HERE

August 21, 2014

Perfect Starter Kit Bundles for Sale!

 So many quilters are warming up their tractors getting ready to start the Modern Farmer's Wife Quilt ~Along beginning September 4th!  

If you are struggling with fabric choices to make your FW quilt and LOVE the look of Bev's quilt shown i have a surprise for YOU!!
Bev is selling 'starter kits' with the exact fabrics used in her quilt to get your Farm started!

There are (36) 9" x 22" cuts for a total of 4.5 yards...just perfect and enough to keep you busy for months and months!! 
 (this is a starter depending on the size of your FW quilt, you may have to find more complimenting fabrics or add from your own stash)

The cost for this nicely cut and ironed Starter Bundle is $49.45 plus shipping.  Bev also has white fabrics available for sashing too! If you are interested...Contact Bev here:
Quanities are limited!

August 13, 2014

Count Down!!

The Modern Farmer's Wife Facebook Group is counting down the days!!  

The Modern Farmer's Wife Quilt A long Facebook Group was established by Scheri Manson specifically for those using my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes.  Over 300 members to date!

The Facebook Quilt Along begins September 4th!  
But...there's a lot happening on this Facebook group in the next couple weeks!
Links to free Craftsy classes and tips on getting your farm ready! 

Join HERE today!

but not sure you can tackle The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt?
Photo is a beautiful lap size FW quilt made by Bev   Pattern included in Class 6
Read what quilters are saying about my classes HERE

What are you waiting for??

August 9, 2014

Get ready for fall quilting with Freebies!

Follow My Craftsy Pattern Store HERE and find these free patterns!  Download is instant!

Candy Corn Pumpkins. 

 Candy Corn Pinwheels 
(both Candy Corn patterns are included in one download)
Just Jack and his girlfriend Joey

Pumpkin Spice pattern also available in my 
Craftsy Pattern store and is only $5.
Great stash buster or perfect made with Charm Packs
New Fall Pattern coming out soon!  
Become My Craftsy follower HERE for the latest offerings!


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