March 28, 2015

Free Tutorials!

Did you know you can find a collection of Free Tutorials on my Craftsy Pattern Store?  
These are 'must have' tutorials with step by step instructions sharing different quilting methods.  Download them instantly and keep them handy!
Some include math charts for various size quilting units.  

My recent tutorial shares the three most widely used methods for making the Flying Geese unit.  

The Traditional method
 The Corner Triangle method
 and The No Waste method
It also includes 2 cutting charts for a variety of FG unit sizes.

Visit my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE and download some great tools to increase your quilting skills!
Craftsy also has a large assortment of online quilting classes and a fabric store too! 
If you're not a Craftsy should check it out!  
Membership is FREE!

March 22, 2015

Farmer's Wife Class 4 Complete

Class 4 of my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival lessons uses the Magic 8 method and teaches how to make diamonds with the corner triangle technique.

 For more fun...join our farm Facebook group HERE

Make a collage using PicMonkey!

March 12, 2015

Blue Christmas....

This is a shout out to Craftsy member vlj131490
   who posted pictures of Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern on 
my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE

I know...i don't like it when i can't tell who it is...and want to thank them!

This rendition of my Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern is in my favorite colors!!...and the quilting is perfect!!!!
so... vlj131490,  if you are checking my blog....i want to THANK YOU for posting the perfect wintry poppa's tree farm quilt pictures ever!!!!

Here's my quilt in the traditional Christmas colors...
Find the pattern HERE

March 9, 2015

For those who have asked....

Sooo many quilters have asked if i would offer a fabric kit for my Pumpkin Spice quilt pattern.
My quilt was simply made with leftover scraps and so no kits were available...until now! 

My friend Rhonda has an online fabric shop
 ...and came up with a wonderful assortment of similar fall colored fabrics resembling my Pumpkin Spice quilt.  These are NOT the same fabrics used in my quilt...but Rhonda has done an amazing job with her fabric selection!

Click over to her shop HERE and see for yourself!   Rhonda also has some nice coordinating fabrics to complete the inner and outer border too.  
There are only a handful of kits hurry!  
If you need the Pumpkin Spice Quilt'll find purchase options HERE

February 22, 2015

SOLD! Thank you Angela!!

I have been pondering this for quite some time...and decided to take the plunge.  I am selling my 2001 Gammill Classic Plus longarm.  

Why?  Because i am upgrading to a computerized system!  I have been longarming for 6 years and my business continues to grow.  With a computerized system, i will be able to accomplish more.  
Simple as that.  

Here's my Gammill Classic Plus!  Cool huh??
It has a stitch regulator for even stitches!
New handles, switches and main computer board replaced + full service all done in June 2014.

Horizontal and Vertical locks...Automatic and Manual mode...stitch length up and down 
 (the circle in the green screen is the refection of my camera)

Two sets of handles (front and back of machine) plus micro handles at the front for detailed custom quilting

Full light bar rewired with new ballasts and new florescent tubes in January 2015
 26" throat and a 12' table...can quilt king size quilts!

An additional galvanized tracking system so cords glide easily back and forth underneath.  

Newer wheels 

I'm throwing in a ton of Signature Gammill loves this thread!  I have opened spools and a unopened spools in a vast variety of colors i am willing to include.

 Extra bobbins...lots of extra bobbins!  Many many more than what is shown here! 

Oh...and paper pantographs!   At least 90!  These cost on average $15 each.  

How about a Circle Lord too?  This picture below was taken from the Circle Lord here to see what you can quilt using a Circle Lord.  

My Gammill Classic is a work horse!  
It has been well serviced and maintained by Jack Boersma over the years. 

Here's what you can do!  
Samples to show quality of the stitches.

 Baptist Fan pantograph
 Free hand custom
 Daisy Chain panto
 Feather Swirl panto
 Free hand custom

 freehand doodle in the batting  ...i love to doodle!
It's FUN!!!
Priced 'as is' for $7500.  You are responsible for pick up, shipping and set up.  We will help you take it down and provide pointers for setting it back up.  
If interested contact me

February 14, 2015

Valentine Sale

Last day for my pattern sale!  Thank you all sooo much for a great response!
To see the sale patterns, click Here.  Most of them are only $4!

Lots of Love you you all on this Happy Valentines Day!


February 1, 2015

Announcing the Winner...and Pattern Sale!

Thank you to all who entered my Farmer' Wife Quilt Revival Give~Away!  The Give~Away winner receives the first 6 Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes!  And....  
Carrie are the winner!! 
 I'll be emailing the Classes to you!   Congrats!

I'm having a Pattern Sale ... in celebration of Valentine's Day!  Today through February 14th the quilt patterns shown below are 20% off!   (emailed copies only)
Notice...they all have red in them?

Lattice Stars now only $4 

Christmas in July...or Not?  
On sale for $6.40

Stars for every Season now only $4.00

Scrappy Key to my Heart....on sale for $6.40
Find purchase options~~HERE

January 29, 2015

Give~Away ends this Saturday...January 31st!

Enter to win The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes 1-6!  Complete these classes and you'll have enough Farmer's Wife blocks to make a lap size quilt!  Lap pattern is included in Class 6.
Click HERE and enter today!

And as if you did not know...Valentine's Day is just around the corner!  Whip up these easy to make patterns!

Key to my Scrappy Heart pattern found HERE
 Valentine Table Treat and Pillow pattern HERE

And... Diamonds are Forever pattern found HERE
Spread the Love!

January 27, 2015

Looking to Sell...and Looking to Buy~~

So so sad the Buggy Barn closed their doors... :/  I've notice it's harder and harder to find their books too.  Spring Fever (quilt below) is one of my favorites!  I made this quilt a few years ago.  See my past blog posts here
I'm being asked over and over by my viewers if i know where one can purchase the Buggy Barn book Certifiably Crazy which includes the Spring Fever pattern.

Do You have this book?  Willing to sell it?  If so...leave a comment below with your email information. 
And for those looking to whoever is willing to sell directly.  Thanks

On another note....My friend Bev is selling her Famous Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt. 

Bev needs to sell her quilt. Money's tight, she lost her job last month and she kissed her beloved Charlie goodbye. 

If  you love this quilt and can help...Now's your chance!  Bev's price is very very fair too! (i think it's a bit on the cheap side myself!)

 You'll find it on Ebay HERE

Beautifully pieced...shown by the above picture before it was machine quilted.
Machine quilted using Hobbs 80/20 batting and Superior Sew Fine Thread.    
See the pantograph quilting design used on Bev's quilt...HERE 
Now's your chance to own this quilt~~
 And YOU don't have to make it!!  Lol!


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