December 12, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 12...It's only $1!

Introducing the last 12 blocks in my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes!  Class 12 offers 2 options...paper piecing or rotary cutting/modern piecing methods. 

There really is no easy way to complete the remaining 12 blocks other than paper piecing or using the templates provided on the CD in the back of your Farmer's Wife book.  For those who already know how to paper piece, this may be your option choice...keeping 'true' to the entire Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.

Option 2 uses modern rotary cutting/piecing methods. I have come up with 12 blocks that are NOT found in the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, however stay true to the 'feel and look' of the original quilt. 

Plank Floor

Tulip Bud



Rabbit Hole

Blueberry Basket

Torch Light

Shoo Fly

Lemoyne Star

Woman's Suffrage

Egg Basket

Hay Hook 
This is a secondary block made from Class 9, block 30. 
 (Not included in Class 12 Instructions)
 For those who have been plowing their way month after month and familiar with my classes...these last rotary cut Farmer's Wife blocks will be very easy.  I do have to admit, i threw in one block that uses 16th" cuts.  Oh come on, it's good for you.  LOL 

If you are not familiar with my Farmer's Wife lessons...Class 12 is offered for only $1 and will provide a taste of how the rest of the Classes are structured.  
Instant download options are through My Pattern Store on Craftsy or through my Etsy Shop.  Emailed options found under my Paypal 'Add to Cart' found my blog sidebar.

Make Every Day a Happy Farming Day!!

December 9, 2014

Diane's version of Poppa's Tree Farm

Brighter green trees makes 'Diane's Tree Farm' stunning!
Find Poppa's Tree Farm Pattern HERE

December 5, 2014

Plowing through MY Farmer's Wife blocks

These blocks will not be found in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. There are 12 Farmer's Wife blocks that truly can not be successfully pieced without the use of templates or the paper piecing method.    

The Final Class (12) of my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Lesson is almost ready to publish and i have decided to offer the remaining blocks by sharing an easier crop.  No templates and no paper piecing.  Yay! 

Here's what i'm working on...
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 Come back next week...Class 12 will be offered for only $1!!
Click HERE to read about my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes

December 3, 2014

Hot Cocoa with Friends

Make these inviting little gifts to share with your friends this festive holiday season!  Pattern is only $2 and includes both mug rugs!!

Find the pattern HERE on Craftsy and download instantly

Or for an emailed copy, scroll down the sidebar of my blog and find the
'add to cart' button listed under 'More Patterns'.  Click the little arrow.

Super quick and easy to make!

December 2, 2014

All things Christmas and Snowy and Warm...


This quilt was embroidered by Billie.  
The finest embroidery in all the land....seriously!

I machine quilted the panto Snow Winds
Pattern is by Crabapple Hill Studio...find it HERE 

November 20, 2014

Fabric Sale! Half off too!!

There's still time to order your Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern and have it made by the time Santa arrives!
Here's Poppa's Tree Farm made with Bonnie and Camille's past fabric line Marmalade.  
Marmalade is hard to find now...but,
wouldn't this be fun!  
Trees in this adorable Blake Riley Christmas fabric
 with red checkered pinwheels
 or polka dot pinwheels
or pink polka dot pinwheels...
or bright green pinwheels...
 or this blue for pinwheels...
and the tree trunks in a gray check
or gray polka dot!
My friend Bev is having an awesome fabric sale!  
Half off  on yardage!  All the fabric samples you see here i found in her shop!!
Go visit Bev's blog HERE to get the sales scoop!!
Need Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern?  
Find purchase options HERE ...pattern is only 6!

November 9, 2014

Sunday Farming Blocks

My newest farm blocks...and a few tips on piecing their buds and petals.  
 Tulip Block #96
 Bouquet Block #8
Flower Pot Block #37

All the flower blocks are assembled in a similar manner.  Each 'flower' is divided into a right and left section.

 Flower Blocks #96 and #8 have a triangle sewn to the top and side of the 'bud' template. An additional triangle is sewn separately to the 'petal' template. 

I recommend laying out all the fabric pieces to see how your block will come together.  My photo examples below are for Block #8

Starting with the right section of the flower, begin by lining up the 'bud' template with the top triangle. Sew together and press towards the dark.  When piecing the left bud template with its top triangle, press to the light....this creates opposing seams.  

Add the side triangle.  Finger press both the side triangle and bud template to determine the center.  Sew together, press towards the dark and set aside.

Finger press the 'petal' template with its coordinating triangle and sew together.  Press towards the triangle.  Sew the petal unit to the bud unit shown above.
Repeat this process for the other half of the flower.  
Sew each flower half unit together
 Press the final seam open
Block #96 is constructed almost the same.  The flower petal unit is just a bit different.  Watch your pressing to create opposing seams.

The pictures below represent Block #37.  
Notice there are no side triangles sewn to the bud templates. Refer to the photo in the Farmer's Wife Sampler book page 164. Sew your smallest triangle to the top of each bud template. Press them for opposing seams. Stitch the 2 bud sections together and press the seam open. 

Sew the medium size triangles to the pink petals templates. 
The angles of the templates and triangles can be confusing. Lay them out first and then turn them right sides together and sew. 

 Now it's time to sew the bud to the petal units...with a 'pivot'.  Notice my pencil line through the seam of the petal unit.  This is a quarter inch mark.  Line this up with the appropriate angle of the bud unit.  It may look wrong as the angles are in opposition.

(in the photo below i have already sewn one petal section and am adding in the second)
Pin into place.
Begin sewing but when you reach the pinned spot, STOP with your needle down.  Lift the presser foot and pivot, adjusting the fabric.
 You will have something that looks like this below.  Make sure you adjust the fabrics so no tucks are created.  The tuck you see in the photo is just above the sewing line and not stitched into the seam.
The seam will naturally want to be pressed away from the bud.

Add in the remaining triangles to complete the flower portion of Block #37

If you are interested in my modern piecing methods to make The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt HERE


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