April 22, 2015

School Bell Has Rung Sampler Quilt~Along Part 3

Welcome back to the School Yard!  
The School Bell has rung...take your seats!  Lol
If you are just joining us for this free quilt~along and need to catch up, you can begin with Part One Here 

This lesson covers the Hourglass block.  I love this block!!  There are 10 total in this sampler.  Three on each side and Two on the top and the bottom.  Notice there are only two hourglass blocks made with blue, yellow and white.  The rest are blue and yellow.

To make the Hourglass blocks,
Cut: 1 White 7-1/2" square
        5 Blue 7-1/2" squares
        5 Yellow 7-1/2" squares

Begin by pairing 4 blue squares with 4 yellow squares with a drawn diagonal line on the wrong side of the yellow fabric.

Sew them together by stitching a 1/4" on either side of the drawn line. Cut apart on the drawn line.  You will yield 10 Half Square Triangles.

Place two blue and yellow half square triangles right sides together with opposite colors of the triangles on top of each other.  Draw a diagonal line corner to corner.  DO THIS WITH ONLY 4 SETS OF YOUR BLUE AND YELLOW HALF SQUARE TRIANGLES

  I pin to hold the hst's together and match the intersection.  Stitch a 1/4" on both sides of the drawn line.  Cut apart on the drawn line.

Trim the hourglass block...to measure 6-1/2" square

Now make 2 half square triangles using the remaining Yellow and White 7-1/2" squares.  Create two more hourglass units using the combination below placing the yellow away from each other.

 Trim to 6-1/2"

 Set your Hourglass blocks aside...and join me in the next School Bell Has Rung lesson coming soon!

April 16, 2015

School Bell Has Rung Sampler Quilt~Along Part 2

School Bell Has Rung Sampler 
Quilt~Along started last week but you can jump in anytime!
Last week we learn the Magic 8 method and made two blue and white pinwheel blocks for the center of the sampler quilt.  See Post One HERE

Today we are going to make 8 Flying Geese units using the No Waste method. There will be four blue and yellow Flying Geese units and four white and yellow units.

Cut 1 white and 1 blue 7-1/4" square. 
Cut 8 yellow 3-7/8" squares

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each yellow square

Place 2 yellow squares right sides together on the white and blue squares as shown in photo below.

Stitch a 1/4" on both sides of the drawn line connecting the 2 yellow squares.  Do this for both the white and blue fabric squares.

Cut them apart

They will look like this~~

Press each towards the yellow triangles

For each of the units above, place another yellow square right sides together like so....

Stitch on either side of the drawn line for all 4 units.

Cut apart

Press to complete the units.  There will be four of each color set, a total of eight Flying Geese Units measuring 
3-1/2" x 6-1/2".
Set aside your No Waste Flying Geese and stay tune for our next lesson!

There's a free pdf download in my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE    on how to make 3 types of Flying Geese units...with math charts!

April 9, 2015

The School Bell Has Rung Sampler Quilt~Along

I've been working up this 'freebie' for those who want to learn some fun quilting techniques!  

Cutting and piecing instructions for my
'School Bell Has Rung Sampler' 
will be given over 5 different blog posts in the next few weeks.  

The blog posts will cover 4 different quilting methods and the final post will instruct how to put your newly learned quilting methods into this cute Sampler!

School Bell Has Rung Sampler
Size 31" x 37"
Fabric requirements:
Blue:  1 yard
Yellow:  1 yard
White:  1/2 yard
Backing:  1 yard

In this first post, we are making pinwheels from half square triangles using the Magic 8 method.   And fancy that...we need 8 half square triangles to make the 2 center pinwheels!

Begin by cutting 1 white and 1 blue 7-3/4" square and place them right sides together.

Draw a diagonal line corner to corner to create an X.
Stitch a 1/4" on both sides of each line.

Make 4 cuts.  
First cut is vertical, right down the middle. Without shifting, make the Second cut through the middle horizontally.  The third and 4th cuts are on both drawn diagonal lines.  
Look! 8 half square triangles!

Open each hst and press towards the blue fabric. Trim each hst to measure 3-1/2" square.
When trimming, line the 45 degree line on your ruler with your seam line.  This will keep your hst 'square'

Lay out your hst's to create a pinwheel.  Sew 2 together and repeat 4 times. 

 The photo directly below shows how the seams will nestle together.  Pressing each hst to the blue fabric creates opposing seams, making them nestle together when stitched.

Sew 2 sets of half square triangles right sides together to create 
1 pinwheel. Repeat for a second pinwheel. 
When sewing together the 2 sections shown above, place a 'setting pin' through both seam's intersections.  I recommend taking a basting stitch through this intersection before sewing your pinwheel together. Ensuring the center of your pinwheel lines up. 

If you are on Instagram...join me @laughyourselfintostitches and show your progress  #schoolbellhasrungsamplerquilt
Pinwheels will measure 6-1/2" square

Set your pinwheels aside...
and stay tuned for our next School Bell Has Rung lesson!
For a free download of the Magic 8 Method with Math Charts...you'll find it on my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE

April 5, 2015

Spring Cleaning....

In May i will have a pattern sale...used patterns in almost perfect condition will be offered at great prices.

But today, I'm offering 'Rabbits Prefer Chocolate'.  A 12 block BOM by Bunny Hill Designs. 

If you are interested, leave your email in the comment section...i'm offering it for $30 + postage.  USA only.  Only 1 available! First comment gets it!
12 individual block patterns with full fabric requirements and instructions for putting your rabbit blocks together.  
It's tooooo cute!! 

 I made this quilt and LOVE it!  See my full post HERE from 2012

March 28, 2015

Free Tutorials!

Did you know you can find a collection of Free Tutorials on my Craftsy Pattern Store?  
These are 'must have' tutorials with step by step instructions sharing different quilting methods.  Download them instantly and keep them handy!
Some include math charts for various size quilting units.  

My recent tutorial shares the three most widely used methods for making the Flying Geese unit.  

The Traditional method
 The Corner Triangle method
 and The No Waste method
It also includes 2 cutting charts for a variety of FG unit sizes.

Visit my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE and download some great tools to increase your quilting skills!
Craftsy also has a large assortment of online quilting classes and a fabric store too! 
If you're not a Craftsy member...you should check it out!  
Membership is FREE!

March 22, 2015

Farmer's Wife Class 4 Complete

Class 4 of my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival lessons uses the Magic 8 method and teaches how to make diamonds with the corner triangle technique.

 For more fun...join our farm Facebook group HERE

Make a collage using PicMonkey!

March 12, 2015

Blue Christmas....

This is a shout out to Craftsy member vlj131490
   who posted pictures of Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern on 
my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE

I know...i don't like it when i can't tell who it is...and want to thank them!

This rendition of my Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern is in my favorite colors!!...and the quilting is perfect!!!!
so... vlj131490,  if you are checking my blog....i want to THANK YOU for posting the perfect wintry poppa's tree farm quilt pictures ever!!!!

Here's my quilt in the traditional Christmas colors...
Find the pattern HERE


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