July 31, 2014

Winter Solstice

Sweet P Quilting and Creations (Paulette) started a sew~along using this darling pattern by Country Threads. I decided to jump in, bundle up in July and join!
Everyone is making barns...but i started with trees and sheep and houses. 
Here is my start to this wonderful wintry fun.
Love making these applique sheep!  Oh my!!  Too cute!  Like my cotton sheep?  
When i first purchased Life in the Country with Country Threads (copyright 1997) and saw the Winter Solstice quilt pattern, I could not resist making this.
Jump over to Paulette's to see more from her sew~along!  Lots of great barns to see!  Thanks Paulette!

July 25, 2014

Are you a dog or cat lover??

My new paw leggings came in the mail today!!  LOVE THEM!!
    Get your paw leggings from my niece Chelsea....HERE  If you don't see them listed...contact her!  She's making more!

You know i love #myluckydog !! 
Cutest dog in the whole wide world...my world!

July 22, 2014

Want to improve your quilting skills?

Want to learn new quilting methods and techniques?
Here's how!

Beginning September 4, 2014 a new Facebook Quilt~Along group using my classes will be working together to complete The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt!  There are over 200 members and growing!
Block images...compliments of AngelasQuilts

Make approximately 10 Farmer's Wife blocks with step by step detailed instructions and piecing illustrations per class.  Each class is offered for $8.50.   For more detailed information on my 'Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival' classes, Click HERE

 Class 8 will be available next week!
In classes 1-7, we have learned how to stitch loose triangles, corner triangles, the magic 8 method, hourglass method, no waste flying geese method, how to cut using 16th" measurements and much more!  
Oh...and only a handful of templates used!  Yippee for that!
Class 8 will cover how to create mirror images.  

My classes are not JUST for making 
The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt...Oh No!  
It's more about strengthening ones quilting skills
 and learning new methods!

A strong beginner can make this quilt following my instructional classes. 
 Here are a few unsolicited comments by happy quilters!

I have purchased the first set of this Fab Quilt. so far I am Addicted and hooked, would recommended anyone to follow the journey and of course your blog 
Hi Karen! I'm still farming and my scrappy, modern farm is continuing to blossom with your wonderful classes. I couldn't have gone this far without you. I feel like I'm becoming a real quilter, getting years of experience and tricks with these classes and have recommended them to everyone. 
Follow your blog via email. I have the book and have made several of the blocks using the paper piecing method. Then I discovered your classes on Craftsy. I purchased the first one and completed all those blocks. Your instructions were great! So, I purchased the next two classes and have been working my way through those blocks.
I am definitely a traditional farmer. I follow your blog and craftsy site, having finished the first 3 Farmer's wife lessons. Thanks for all the great tips and techniques. I may actually finish this quilt after all.
I'm doing my blocks traditionally and I'm even sewing them up on my Featherweight. You have made the directions so easy to follow and they're sewing up very quickly.
Thank you for a wonderful set of instructions for the Farmers Wife. I wasn't able to work on this with success until I found your class on Craftsy. You do a great job with your instructions and tips.

I recommend joining the new Facebook group...
Purchase options for the classes found HERE

July 10, 2014

Christmas in July...or not?

New quilt pattern just listed on my Craftsy Pattern Store
my Etsy Shop...or see My Patterns tab for emailed options.
I chose to use an Anni Downs fabric line called '12 days of Christmas'.

Are you working on a Christmas quilt?  If you just can't 'go there yet'...Christmas in July...or not? is great for Christmas and this quilt pattern can be easily adapted into other seasons or motifs.  
Here's another Anni Downs fabric line that would be perfect!  It's called Love to Garden.  Cute huh??  Just turn the appliqued circles into ovals...or stars shapes, or keep it circles.
Not crazy about applique??
One can eliminate the appliqued circles and substitute for super cute fussy cut fabrics.  Like my Little Red Riding Hood quilt using the same quilt pattern.
My Christmas in July...or not? pattern includes instructions and requirements to make a wall hanging and lap size quilt.

Here's one more versatile quilt pattern called 
Another great Christmas quilt pattern...or not!  lol

You can find Anni Downs fabrics HERE  and also HERE

July 7, 2014

Our next Farmer! Winner!!!

Get out your plow Amy!!  Sharpen up your hoe!!!  *YOU* are going Farming!!!!!
Thanks to Bev for drawing the winner!!

Amy's comment~~with link to her blog

Amy, a redeemed sheepJuly 1, 2014 at 7:45 PM
"I commented earlier on my phone and did not see the part that said one comment was all that was needed, so here I am trying to do this right. *grin* I am following you on Craftsy, IG, and via email.

Color me modern all the way!!

I was so glad to see Jane's review. I am a blogging friend of hers and have been watching her grow her FW quilt. Now I know how she got so brave to give it a go!! I think I can do this now..With your help, of course. Win or not, I will be purchasing your classes. I am so excited!!"

Thank you all for entering!  It's fun to see the enthusiasm growing. 

OH!!  There's a new Facebook group started for those using my instructions. Scheri who lives in Canada started a group called The Modern Farmer's Wife Quilt Along 2014-2015.  Quilters are gathering their fabric choices, getting their books spiral bound and looking forward to September 4th when the quilt along begins.  

Click HERE to visit Scheri's Facebook group...and consider joining!!   

Class 7 is now available! (photo collage compliments of April Buttner)
Instant pdf download purchase options available on
Emailed patterns available through my blog HERE

For more information on how you can start piecing the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilting using these modern methods....click HERE

July 6, 2014

Last Day to enter!! Give~Away!!

Would you like to win 6 months of detailed instructional classes to make 60 Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Blocks...PLUS a Farmer's Wife table runner pattern, a 25 block Farmer's Wife wall hanging pattern AND a Farmer's Wife 48 block lap size quilt pattern? 
Today's the last day to enter!!

Do you wonder if this class is for you??  Take a moment to read all the comments!  

Click HERE to enter

Winner will be announced tomorrow!
And for those waiting...Class 7 will be available tomorrow too!!

July 2, 2014

Make it Sparkle!

I've been a quilter for gosh, 20+ years now?   Worked in a quilt shop...been around tons of fabric, samples and inspiration from lots and lots of quilters.  

The #1 concern and hear over and over comes from a lack of confidence when choosing the right fabrics.

Today i am sharing my recent blog post written for Craftsy 
called Make it Sparkle!  It's all about the importance of contrast.

Click....Make it Sparkle!   Please consider sharing your thoughts in the comment section of the Craftsy blog post.  Does this article help you?  

I love to learn from you too!  

June 30, 2014


I read a post by my friend Bev this morning....she received an out of the blue 'snarky' email.  So...I thought i needed to share this important message....
I've never been much for drama...being raised with 3 brothers and having 4 sons...i've never been around it much or learned the tricks. thankfully.  
If you suffer with drama in your life...there is a cure!!  Please spread the good news!!

Oh...and don't forget about my Give~Away!  Click HERE for details!  

enjoy the show....

June 26, 2014


Who doesn't love The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt?  Whether you prefer the darker more traditional colors or the bright contemporary fabrics for a modern look...this Give~Away is for you!

Starting today through midnight July 6th Pacific Daylight Time...
I am Giving~Away a copy of the first 6 Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes to one lucky winner.  That's a value of $51! 

Don't know what the heck i'm Giving~Away?  Click HERE to find out!

Oh wait?  What if you've already purchased Classes 1-6?  No problem!  I'll give you the next 6 classes for free!

So, what do you have to do to win?? 

1. Be or become a follower of my blog via:   Friend Connect, email, bloglovin' or my Facebook page...all found on my sidebar over there somewhere   >>>>> 

2. AND...be or become a follower of My Craftsy Pattern Store OR My Etsy Shop

3. AND leave a comment below letting me know, are you a modern farmer or traditional farmer like my dad? 
It's so sad when i can't reach you to say "Yippee!!  You won!".

Before you go... i want to share a few reviews on my classes.  

I asked some quilters who have purchased my classes if they would consider writing a review for me. 
Some purchased all 6 classes, completing 60 blocks, while others only have a couple classes purchased with a handful of blocks finished.  I wondered...would they go the distance?  

Here's what Nancy said:
The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes have been a life saver!! I have been quilting for little more than two years and decided I wanted to try my hand at something really challenging. I had heard about the Farmer's Wife Quilt and loved knowing the history behind each block so I decided to tackle it. After trying two different cutting and piecing methods, (Farmer's Wife Book's and paper piecing), I was frustrated and dissatisfied with the results, I did a lot of searching and finally came across Karen's Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes on Craftsy.  The classes were reasonably priced and after reading all the positive reviews, I decided to purchase the first class. I have been thrilled with my choice and have purchased each consecutive class as it has become available.

Her modern piecing techniques are a lifesaver (especially for a beginning quilter) and seem revolutionary! The cutting and piecing instructions are clear and concise. The colored diagrams are also invaluable in helping clarify the instructions. Karen also has a website/blog with tutorials and pictorials on some of the different techniques that she refers to in her instructions. The blog also offers encouragement along the way!

I'm truly grateful that I discovered her classes on Craftsy! I honestly think I would have given up on the quilt out of pure frustration. Now I'm pleased with each of my blocks and able to progress at a pace that fits into my lifestyle. Most importantly, I am enjoying every minute of it!!

Thanks Karen!!
Here are a couple of Nancy's beautiful blocks

This review comes from Susan...
I have been asked to write a testimonial for The Farmers Wife Revival Classes by Karen Walker, I not only said yes, but my original testimonial was so long, I posted it on my blog.  Here is the short version.  Would I recommend Karen’s classes?  In a heartbeat, YES!  Because of her clear and well written instructions, I have been able to create blocks that I looked at before and thought that they were too complicated.  Blocks that have 49 pieces in them are now as easy as doing a simple 9 patch.  My accuracy as improved and in most cases, the back of my blocks are as perfect as the fronts!  So would I recommend her classes?  YES, in a heartbeat!!
You can read the full version and see my progress at   justonemoreyard.blogspot.com

This is from April...
I have done very little piecing, so this is all new to me. Your instructions are very concise and easy to understand. You have made something that looks extremely complicated and overwhelming achievable, even to a beginner, by breaking it into skill building segments. I would never have known where to begin!! Thanks for the journey!! I love that you are so available for questions or input!
Thank You,
April Buttner
Port Coquitlam, BC
April is kind enough to allow me to use her Farmer's Wife photo collage for Class 7 (coming out July 7th)
Barbara says:
Two years ago my first grandchild was born.  I made him a simple quilt, the first sewing I had done in many years.  I enjoyed it, so took a beginner quilting class.  Since then I have made a few more baby quilts and one block of the month through a local quilt shop.  While looking for my next challenge I was attracted to examples of the Farmers Wife quilt on Pinterest.  I got the book but was discouraged by the templates and the complexity of the blocks.  Then, just at the right moment, I discovered Karen's classes.  I have completed 3 sets so far, and have found the cutting instructions and sewing instructions to be flawless and easy to follow.  Since I am still a basic learner in quilting I appreciate her organizing the months from easiest to most difficult, giving me a chance to gradually learn new techniques as I go. For me 10 squares per month is just the right amount.  Thanks, Karen!

And from Jane...
My name is Jane and I blog at Jane's Fabric's and Quilts.

I do not know about you but I like to have many projects going at one time.  How I happened to miss the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along when it first came out I do not know,


I was thrilled to see that Karen has a Farmer's Wife Reveal Class .

I jumped right in with both feet!
Bought my book and then headed to Karen's for her class.

I am on my 6th month of her classes and have learned so much from all her tips and techniques .

I love how class one starts out easy, class two, a bit more is learned and so and so on.
It is not overwhelming as she offers ten or so blocks a month.
You also get extras, such as a table runner,a table cloth, and a lap size quilt pattern!

The Magic 8 Technique is amazing and without it making these blocks would take twice as long.

I could have never made this block without the Magic 8 Technique.

I am not a template girl so her step by step instructions are wonderful.
If you have a question, and I did, she will get you the answer.

If you have always wanted to try your hand at these blocks this is the way to do it stress free. 
I love Farming and cannot wait for every month so I can learn more and build my farm. This is what I have made to date with Karen.

Join the fun and start your farm today!

And my final review comes from Sharon...
I had been following Karen Walker’s blog, “laugh yourself into stitches” for some time when she offered a monthly class, “Farmer’s Wife Quilt Revival”.  I wanted to make the quilt for a long time but the aspect of making lots of 6 inch squares intimidated me greatly.  Even after more than 20 years of quilting, I didn't feel confident enough to take the plunge on my own.  I really liked the fact knowing
1) I could use my own fabric/scraps, 2) would receive step by step instruction for each and every block, and 3) could purchase each class separately rather than committing to the entire project as in a BOM.  I  could do a class or two and  should I discover I didn't have the skills necessary, could just drop out - no harm done.  For me it was a “win” “win” situation.

It is amazing how easy the blocks are coming together.  I've learned many new time saving  methods  to construct the blocks making it easy and fun.  The diagrams are well drawn and instructions concise and well written.  The new methods I've learned, such as “the magic 8” with Karen’s series will be used by me from this day forward.  I’m more than pleased with the results and would recommend any quilter, at any level of experience, purchase the “Farmer’s Wife Quilt Revival” individual classes.
 I am so happy I took the leap with Karen’s instructions and look forward to each new month.  Thank you, Karen. 

Wow...when i read these...i was stunned.  Thank you ladies!
For those wondering (jane)...Class 7 will be published on July 7th...
and the winner will be announced that day too! 

Bev Bryon from 44th Street Fabrics has agreed to draw the winner for me!!  She'll announce it on her blog...of course, i will too!

1. follow my blog
3. leave a comment...modern or traditional farmer??  don't forget to leave your email address!
Only one comment needed.  thanks

June 25, 2014

Show me your McTavishishing!

Karen McTavish has a new book out...

I see people talking about this on Instagram...and thought i would share some of my McTavishing.  I was lucky to take a class from Karen a few years ago...great background technique...fun and easy to do.

 What i absolutely love about McTavishing is its diversity.  
From a cowboy background, to Christmas swirling fun...
Perfect Asian background and lovely combined with beautiful feathers

Can't go wrong with McTavishing!

June 24, 2014

Mary's quilt

How striking is this??

Mary used Warm and Natural for her batting. The downside of using a white batting on a black quilt, you can see the lint from it on the quilt top.  
Lint roller please!!  lol
The other possible downside to using a white batting with a predominately black quilt top, is running the risk of the batting pulling up through the top just a bit. A nice new sharp needle helps curb this possibility. 
Normally i would recommend using a black batting....but i really don't like the feel of  black batting.  I don't know if it's the dye used in the process or just what...it's sort of scratchy and stiff.
Do you have any recommendations for a good soft quality black batt? 
 I can only find Hobbs.
Spirals...with a charcoal grey So Fine thread

I did not get a full picture of Mary's quilt...
for fear of more lint, threads, dust!
Black collects everything!

June 23, 2014

oh my! 30 years ago

My best friend from high school tagged me on Facebook today....aahhh haaa haaa!!  Here i am in the wee early morning hours finishing up my bridesmaid dress for her wedding.  My poodle hairdo... circa 1984

June 12, 2014

Cool leggings!

Sharing images from my niece Chelsea's Etsy shop, LegTaHose!
Her hand drawn leggings are selling like crazy!  She began her legging business back in December and recently participated in the 'Made in Tahoe' event showcasing local artists.  Chelsea sold out of everything!  
Check out her Etsy Shop HERE  

 Cost?  Low to mid $20's
If you don't see one of these legging designs in her shop, contact her! Let her know what you would like.   She has other designs available too.

 Follow Chelsea on her Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE
Perfect yoga pants, under a dress, skirt, shirt or under a pair of ripped up jeans.  
 One size fits most...stretchy, high wasted and super comfy.  Quality of the leggings are awesome and Chelsea's designs are fabulous!!    

Read all the shop reviews...100% 5 Stars!
Get your pair of leggings today!  HERE


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