September 17, 2016

Photo Shoot

Spent the late afternoon at Cindy's taking photos...she has the best props!!  Thank you my friend!  ...for the m&m's...  

Cinderella Pumpkin Wall Hanging 

Cinderella Pumpkin Pattern comes in 2 versions!

Indian Summer Quilt

Who doesn't love an Indian Summer!  Ahhhh!

I'm making a second Indian Summer quilt using darker, more primitive colors and fabrics.  LOVE!

RedWing Blackbird Quilt Pattern

Going to the NW Quilting Expo next week?  RedWing Blackbirds and the brown version of Cinderella Pumpkins will be hanging in the Momma Made It quilt booth.  They'll have patterns and kits available!  Stop by!  :)

Pie Birds Hot Pads
 I think i had the most fun photographing these!...i call this one   The Impostors 

 Pour me some more pumpkin and crow please....

You'll find purchase options for these Fall Quilt more!  Just click on My Patterns    Thank you!  :) ~karen

September 13, 2016

Introducing Indian Summer Quilt Pattern!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are really enjoying beautiful late summer weather!  Warm days ~~ cool nights!

So I'm very happy to welcome ~ Indian Summer!

Isn't it pretty?!!!

You could display this quilt from August through November!  

It's not hard to make either...I have a step saving method, shared in this previous post.  All those pinwheel are made from knocked off corner triangles used to make the sunflower petals.  

I was hoping to complete another version...using a darker background for the more primitive appeal...
It's almost completed...and i changed it a tiny bit from the original Indian Summer pattern....for that more prim look.  I'll share my tiny change when it's done.  Unless you can pick it out! 

Hey!  First one to leave the correct answer in the comment sections gets the pattern for free via email!  
                So include your email address

If you'd like a copy of Indian Summer, I have the pattern listed on Craftsy and in my Etsy Shop

Hoping our warm Indian Summer continues!  Our weatherman Mark Nelson says it will!  But if not...I'll enjoy my own patchwork of Indian Summer.

September 3, 2016

Fall Line Up!

I love fall quilts the best!  I don't know if it's the colors (which i suspect) or just the changing of the seasons...

My very first pattern released in August 2013, has been my best seller.  As my son coined "One Hit Wonder"!  hee hee brat...

The next two pictures are last years' pattern.
 I absolutely LOVE this pattern!  Cinderella Pumpkins are my favs!

This year i have put the pedal (sewing pedal) into over drive with the next 3 patterns

and two versions of this hot pad or mug rug pattern called

A bit crazy with the bird theme...

Then i offer some fun Fall freebies...found in Craftsy Pattern Store only.  Etsy and my blog, don't offer the ability for instant free if you'd like copies of these freebies...head to my Craftsy store!

Freebie Tea Stained Sunflower pictorial
This photo was taken by my cousin Diane who made gigantic Tea Stained Sunflowers for her entryway!

Freebie Just Jack and Just Joey pillows

Freebie Candy Corn Pumpkins Table Runner

Lastly, Freebie Candy Corn Pinwheels. 
Made using pieced scraps from the above Candy Corn Pumpkin pattern!   Waste not!  

Oh but there's more!   I'm writing instructions for my newest pattern Indian Summer!  Hopefully it will be listed later next week....stay tuned!

Thanks for supporting my little business!  I truly appreciate it!
Happy Fall Quilting!     ~karen

September 2, 2016

New Pie Bird Hot Pads or Mug Rug Pattern!

Aren't these the cutest??
Listed my new Pie Bird Hot Pad pattern on Craftsy and Etsy this morning. 

If you purchase through my Craftsy Pattern Store, you'll also find a free pdf download pattern for these super cute tea stained sunflowers!  
If you purchase through Etsy, I can't offer the tea stained sunflower pattern for free (Etsy does not offer freebies) i included it with the purchase of the Pie Bird pattern.

I think these Pie Bird blocks would also make a great wall hanging, table topper or runner too!  Make each block from a variety of scraps on hand and add a 1" finish sashing between!  
But as a simple hot pad or mug rug...what a nice easy Fall gift. Throw in a tea stained sunflower too!  :)

September 1, 2016

Tea Stained Sunflowers! Tutorial on Craftsy

I had the best time Monday making these tea stained sunflowers with my friends!  They are incredibly easy to make too!  
Even a great project for children...with some supervision.  

free tea stained sunflower pictorial

I posted the above picture on Instagram and i had a number of comments asking me to share how we made these.

If you're on'll find me @laughyourselfintostitches

free tea stained sunflower pictorial
Big ones, oval ones, round ones, teeny ones...short petals, long petals...even these beautiful silk ones below made by my ever so clever and talented cousin Becky!

free tea stained sunflower pictorial

And lastly,  another easy pattern hitting my Craftsy and Etsy shop later today, called...Pie Bird Hot Pad shown below.
Would make a great gift...or sew a few together and make a table runner or even a wall hanging.  Could be considered a mug rug too.

  Pattern will sell for $4 and has two crow variations.
tea stained sunflower pictorial with pie bird pattern

Get your free pdf download and learn how to make your own

August 23, 2016

So Pretty

I've been wanting to share this quilt for a while and give a shout out to Jane who continues to inspire me!  

Jane is 90.  I know...can you believe it?  

I told her daughter Mary i really wanted to quilt something special on this one.
I started with a sketch...ha ha...pretty rough, but it gave me a direction.

Here's the cute back!
Thank you Jane!  Looking forward to your next quilt!
~karen  :)

I'd love to quilt for you!  Click on 'Why Me?' for details.  

August 11, 2016

Step Saving Quilting Tips! How to make Corner Tri's and Half Square Triangles

Many of you know how to make corner triangles and half square triangles. I'm re-sharing these methods because i use them in many of my patterns, like in this new pattern called 'And So It Crows'

....i also have a step saving tip! on.  :)

Corner triangles are simple.  Take a fabric square and lay it right sides together in the corner of another larger fabric square or rectangle.

In the photo below, i finger pressed to create a diagonal line on the wrong side of my 'corner triangle' square.  Placing it right sides together with the larger square underneath, i stitch directly on the pressed line.

Flip it over so the right side is showing and press.  Voila!  I now have a Corner Triangle!

Couple thoughts to consider with corner tri's:  
1. I use Aurifil 50wt thread.  It's thin and the fabric folds over it nicely.
2. If you are using a 40wt thread, stitch just a smidge to the side of the pressed line so that fabric can fold over the thread.
3. When i create small corner triangles, 1-1/2" or smaller, i do not trim the excess fabric underneath.  If the corner tri's are larger, i trim the excess fabric.

New Pattern Release:  Indian Summer

Learn a step saving method used in this pattern, shared below.

In the Indian Summer pattern,  I'm creating a corner triangle using a square and a rectangle.
I've drawn a diagonal line corner to corner (this time i'm not finger pressing, I find drawing the line to be more accurate for this larger size square)

Then...I draw a second line, 1/4 " away.

I love to chain piece; one right after the other without breaking the stitch.  Sewing on the first drawn line (corner to corner) to create those 'corner triangles'.

I run the same units through my sewing machine again...this time stitching 1/4" AWAY from the second drawn line.

Do you see where i'm going with this?

Cut through the line that has no stitching, separating this unit into 2 pieces.

Looky here!  I've created not only a corner triangle onto my rectangle... but a half square triangle too!
*Indian Summer pattern uses this method a lot!

Need to know how to just make half square triangles?

Cut 2 fabric squares the same size.   Draw (or finger press) a diagonal line (corner to corner) on the wrong side of one square and place it right sides together on top of the second square. 

Stitch a 1/4" on either side of the drawn line and cut apart.

This will yield 2 half square triangles.

Determine the desired hst and trim by placing a 45 degree line on top of the seam line
Trim one side...

Rotate the hst 180 degrees.  Re-position the 45 degree line on top of the diagonal seam and align the sides with the desired size.  

The half square triangle below is trimmed to  1-1/2".

 Super simple!

My recent patterns; 'Redwing Blackbirds' & 'And So It Crows' uses some of these methods...

You can find all these patterns on Craftsy, Etsy and now directly on my blog
Find the 'Add to Cart' buttons on the right side of my blog.... You'll find all my patterns available there in drop down menus.
If you purchase through my blog...unlike Craftsy and Etsy, it is not available instantly.  I will email you the pattern and will do so within a day or 2....if not sooner.  

Thank you all who have supported my patterns! I truly appreciate you!


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