December 12, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 12 available now!

Introducing the last 12 blocks in my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes!  Class 12 offers 2 options...paper piecing or rotary cutting/modern piecing methods. 

There really is no easy way to complete the remaining 12 blocks other than paper piecing or using the templates provided on the CD in the back of your Farmer's Wife book.  For those who already know how to paper piece, this may be your option choice...keeping 'true' to the entire Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.

Option 2 uses modern rotary cutting/piecing methods. I have come up with 12 blocks that are NOT found in the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, however stay true to the 'feel and look' of the original quilt. 

Plank Floor

Tulip Bud



Rabbit Hole

Blueberry Basket

Torch Light

Shoo Fly

Lemoyne Star

Woman's Suffrage

Egg Basket

Hay Hook 
This is a secondary block made from Class 9, block 30. 
 (Not included in Class 12 Instructions)
 For those who have been plowing their way month after month and familiar with my classes...these last rotary cut Farmer's Wife blocks will be very easy.  I do have to admit, i threw in one block that uses 16th" cuts.  Oh come on, it's good for you.  LOL 

If you are not familiar with my Farmer's Wife lessons you'll find additional information HERE

Instant download options are available through my Etsy Shop. Emailed options found under my Paypal 'Add to Cart' found my blog sidebar.

Make Every Day a Happy Farming Day!!

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  1. You are so smart! Your blocks are beautiful! My friend in England just signed up for all the blocks--everyone just loves your amazingly easy instructions! So quick and easy! XO



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