All Over Pantographs

All over 'edge to edge' or pantographs range in price depending on density and complexity of the design.
Simple pantograph designs range in price from .016 to .018/per square inch
Complex pantograph designs range in price from .020 to .022/per square inch

Visit my Pinterest Page to view my pantograph selection.  If you don't see a panto that works for your quilt, I'm happy to order one that does.

To determine the price for your quilt, multiply the width times the length of your quilt top. Take that number and multiply by the 'per square inch' price for the pantograph.
Minimum Price for pantograhs is $50

Custom Design/Free Hand
All of my quilting is hand guided.  
I absolutely love the look and feel of free motion quilting.  See Samples of my custom quilting (also found by clicking the 'why me?' tab at the top of the page).
Price is based upon size and complexity, ranging from .045 and up.
Minimum Price for custom quilting is $100 
Machine Binding*  .065/per linear inch
*machine stitch prepared binding to quilt top

Machine Binding plus Hand Stitching the Binding  cost .22/per linear inch
    *Hand Stitching is done by a very special person...my mother.       This service is only offered if she is available at the time.

 Baste quilt for hand quilting   .006 per square inch
I use high quality So Fine! and Omni threads by Superior.  The cost of these threads are included.  Specialty threads are extra.

Batting available upon request

If shipping a quilt, please ask me to send you shipping instructions.

I'd love to quilt for you!  Contact me, Karen, for your quilting needs!


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