March 1, 2020

RedWing Blackbird Barn Block

I’m so excited to share this wooden Barn Quilt Block!

Adapted from my Redwing Blackbird quilt 

Here are a few quilt some creative quilters!
@cindyculley on Instagram

@laadw on Instagram

and @susansinthegarden on Instagram

This was my quick mock up blue version...with a  turned wing to see what it would look like.  

And then this super creative idea!

So many possibilities with this pattern...but this barn block!!  It has me chirping!

If you are interested in a similar Redwing Blackbird wooden barn quilt block...or maybe as a yellow finch or Melissa at Fiddlestitches  her work is top notch! 
I wanted mine a bit distressed with a cream background...but you could have yours brighter if you like.   

She should have some available soon.

If you are looking for the Redwing Blackbird quilt'll find mailed and instant download copies in My Etsy Shop

Thanks for stopping in!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Love your barn block. We have so many red-winged blackbirds pass through here annually on migration.

  2. These black birds wood or cloth (and in different colors) are so lovely :-) Enjoy that charming black bird block. That is too fun!

  3. I LIKE! And even made out of barn wood?

  4. I do love the barn block..and your patterns...xo



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