February 8, 2020

I'm Hooked!

Are you a hooker? 

I returned from AZ this week...visiting with my friend, shopping, laughing, laughing...shopping.  It was wonderful weather...in the mid 70's...a far cry from the gray Pacific NW! 
As a Thank you...I hooked up this heart using Southwest colors for her home.  I'll turn it into a wall pocket and show it to you when its finished.   

I've started another one to hang in my home.
They are so quick and easy!  Hard to mess up, even though it looks kinda messed up!

I also wanted to share my new obsession....This antique spice box i purchased recently.  Do you have a spice box or 2?  I love them!! 

secretly want more...
If you are on instagram...Post a pic of your spice box...and tag me so i can see it! @laughyourselfintostitches

And...here is Terre's finished Farmhouse Love quilt!  I just love it!!!!!
How's your Farmhouse Love quilt coming along?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. How dare you call me a hooker? No, I don't know how to do that, although I have done some latchhooking. Your heart is beautiful, and I really like Terre's farmhouse quilt.

  2. Sweet hearts for you & your friend. I've toyed with hooking but just haven't taken the plunge quite yet. My friend Dana does beautiful rugs.



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