February 23, 2020

Farmhouse Love pattern is now available!

I'm thrilled that Farmhouse Love has been so well received!   It was a lot of fun to offer the pattern instructions last month. 
Thank you all for participating and motivating me to finish mine!

It was  bright beautiful blue sunny day when i took these photos...almost to bright though!

Here is the new pattern cover.  Digital patterns are now available on Etsy and mailed copies will be added next week when they return from the printer.

Some of the fabrics used in Farmhouse Love may no longer be available...specifically the red floral and black floral print used in the heart block.

However...The Bees and Checks have been reprinted in a new collection called Beehive

I thought it would be fun to mock up a couple different colorways using Andover's Beehive collection by Renee Nanneman.    

I'm really digging this red white and blue version!!

Here are the fabrics i used in these mock quilts... they can still be found in Renee's shop Need'lLove  

There is a slight difference between the original Farmhouse Love quilt and the mock quilts.  I used the cream check behind the hearts to make them pop more.  
If you go this route, i recommend getting a 1/4 yard more of the cream check.

If you are working on your Farmhouse Love quilt...please share the love on Instagram using #farmhouselovequilt  
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Or email a photo or 2 and i'll share it!  chezstitches@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I thank you for the pattern. As it came out I copy and pasted it to a document in my computer so I could have it for reference. Just for me of course!



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