November 4, 2018

Candy Cane Lane freebie quilt pattern

A few years ago i purchased a vintage quilt that i just love.  It's totally scrappy, a bit tattered...but warm and snugly.  And!  A bit misleading when you look at it!  It's made up of only 2 blocks...and not set on point!  *Can you guess which blocks?

*Answer:  4-Patch and Half Square Triangle blocks! easy is that?
I decided it would be fun to write a freebie and share it in Christmas colors... 
Each block measures 2-1/2" Unfinished. Scrappy would be so easy to do....i know we all have lots of scraps! 
 And if not, ask a few friends to make this with you and share scraps!

 It's a stash buster!...whether you keep to traditional Christmas colors, or completely scrappy!

I'm toying with making mine with the same background fabric and all different scraps of which case i WILL need to call on my friends to share some of their red scraps!  
I think the scrappier the better!

I've added print friendly buttons below so you can download the pattern or share!  You can also find Candy Cane Lane on Craftsy  available free to download instantly.
Note: when really only need to select the 3 pages for the pattern....and not print all the other stuff.   :)
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Enjoy and...
Learn, Share, Quilt!


  1. Thanks I won't get to this yet this year but will start after the holidays for next year.

  2. Thank you, Karen. Isn't it wonderful that simple can turn into something so wonderful? What a snuggly looking antique. Hope you're sharing dreams with the maker.

  3. This looks like the Buckeye Beauty block...which is my favorite :-) Your design is lovely! thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Adding another to the list. So cute and simple! Thanks for sharing. That looks like something I could do in a weekend.

  5. I absolutely love vintage quilts! The repro fabrics are not the same.



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