September 24, 2017

New PieBirds Runner Pattern

New release of PieBirds pattern...coming soon!

I'm updating the previous PieBirds Hot Pad pattern to include this cute PieBirds Runner.  Measures 7" x 37"...nice and skinny to fit down the middle of your table with enough room to set place settings too!

Great for an entry table...

I have an old door inside my entryway...why not hang it?  

Pattern will be available on September 28th and the PieBird Runner will be hanging in Momma Made It Quilt booth at the NW Quilting Expo!  Pattern and kits available then! :)

1 comment:

  1. I immediately saw it as a door hanger (minus the portion below/above the 16 patch) Luv it!



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