June 30, 2017

Fill Your Heart With Feathers Tutorial

I had the pleasure of quilting this beauty for Bev.  I hung on to it for far too long...secretly hoping she would forget about it!  L0L
She did not...darn!

He's a quick tutorial I shared with my followers on Instagram a couple weeks ago and thought i'd share it with you too.

Here goes....
I used a heart shaped template and stitched my outline.  Marked a vertical center line above and through the heart. I also marked side lines so I knew where to stop my outer feathers. I used a water soluble pen for these marks and tested it first to make sure those reds did not bleed... that would have been disastrous!! 

I started stitching the outside feathers first, beginning at the top of the heart in the inverted 'v' and created the feathers on the left top, down the side and to the bottom of the heart shape. Back to the top, I stitched feathers on the right side to the bottom of the heart, then added the dangled teardrop. For me, I found my feather shapes were more consistent when I started at the top each time. I know some of you could probably continue up the right side without stopping... nope, not me!

Moving inside the heart, I used the center line as my guide. Started at the top and stitched a teardrop then quilted feathers on left side, stopping each at the center line. Repeated stitching more feathers on the right side for the finish. 

Have you quilted a feather heart? How did you do it? I'm always curious to learn a new way. 

Here's more pictures of the finished quilt... Love, Love Love!

I use Hobbs 80/20 batting and So Fine thread on the top and bobbin.  The pattern is called Rolling Star and can be found by clicking on the blue link.  

Fill Your Heart With Feathers!!

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  1. I just love that quilt. And your quilting is super. Thanks for sharing your quilting tutorial.

  2. it's always a shame when our customers remember their lovely quilts! :-) Looks fabulous!

  3. You did a beautiful job on the quilting. No wonder you didn't want to give it back.

  4. Thanks for the tut. I am going to give this a try. You are such a marvelous quilter; the quilt is totally gorgeous. I am such a novice and I do sometimes think I'll never get the hand of it. Nearly a year ago I purchased a Sweet Sixteen; I knew I'd never be able to stand at a long-arm plus I sure don't have the room either. I'm practicing though it does seem rather frustrating to me. The only thing that saves me is that after the project is done it looks better than what I thought! :)

  5. Your quilting on this quilt is especially beautiful!
    I love red and white quilts, (also blue and white), what a gorgeous collaboration!

  6. Gorgeous--(P.S. I just downloaded your Flying Geese methods from craftsy--thanks for the charts and sharing...) hugs, Julierose

  7. Oh Yes!! This is so beautiful!! Wonderful job!!!



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