March 25, 2017

Pattern Sale!

I have a few of my homemade 'old style' pattern covers left over before my super duper graphic designer, Tess Wojahn created new ones!

Between 5 and 10 old style covers left over for each of my 14 patterns and am selling them for half price...$6 each!  This price includes shipping inside the USA only
 Instructions are the same, the covers are just different.

This offer is ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH MY BLOG and only for mailed copies within the USA with my old style pattern covers.  

If you see one or more pattern that you'd like...with the old style covers, you'll find (2) drop down menus on the the right side of my blog.  

Once a pattern is no long available, i will remove the option for that particular pattern in the drop down menu.

Thanks for your business!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen: I would like to buy the black bird with the red wing, and the black birds with sunflowersif you still have them in the old covers. I can't figure out how to order them from your blog.
    Thanks, Carolyn



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