March 29, 2017

Need'l Love

I'm sure many of you are familiar with 'Threads' books by Need'l Love. The first one published in 1995. They are so full of many wonderful quilt patterns and small wool and stitchery projects.

  I can sit for hours dreaming inside the pages!

Renee Nanneman is the creativeness behind these books.  She is also a fabric designer for Andover Fabrics.

I've been an admirer of Renee's work since the release of her first Thread's book.  

This past September, Renee purchased a few patterns through my Etsy Shop.   I saw Need'l Love on the Etsy receipt and thought...huh? no's got to be someone else using the same name but adding a 'dot' or an 'underscore' changing the name slightly.  

A couple weeks later, Renee emailed and asked if she could make my Indian Summer quilt pattern into a sample and hang it in her booth at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival June 15-17, 2017!


 Here's Renee's Indian Summer quilt using her beautiful Tender Romance fabric for the background.   I love her choice for the inner border using a yellowy/gold fabric.  Very cheery.

If' you'd like to purchase a fabric kit with the pattern directly from Need'l Love you'll find it here:

Will you be in Kansas City this June?


  1. I do not think these books come to the UK have never seen any how good to have one of your patterns used by the lady

  2. How exciting to have Renee have your quilt hanging on display! I adore all the Need'l Love books and have been on a quest to find copies of Old Glory and Liberty to add to my collection. It will happen someday!

  3. Love that adorable Indian Summer quilt! Your patterns are so cute. I have a few of them. Yes, I can lose myself in books with great pictures! Happy quilting.

  4. Don't know these books. They look lovely. You are doing great! All new projects and opportunities with exciting people!! Good for you!



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