March 28, 2017


For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've already seen these.  

Quilt pattern is called Milkyway by Fig Tree Quilts and my friend Lila is the piecer.  

Can you tell i love quilting feathers?

I love this quilt!

Thank you everyone for helping me get rid of my 'old style' pattern covers! I still have a couple left of each pattern, except Tulip Crush is gone.  

Price for the 'old style' pattern covers are $6 each and that includes shipping!  USA only.  You'll find a drop down menu on the right side of my blog labeled Old Style Pattern Cover Sale.  These are mailed copies of my patterns...only difference is my pattern covers have been updated with my logo and larger photos. 
   Thank you!


  1. Gorgeous quilt and you are really enhancing the beauty with your quilting! Great work!

  2. Just beautiful! If I could do feathers half this nicely I would be very happy!

  3. Es absolutamente hermoso! Abrazos desde Colombia!

  4. Fun to see some of your longarming Karen! Looking fantastic;)

  5. Gorgeous quilt and quilting! Awesome job!

  6. Beautiful !! Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. I agree with you, I love this quilt! There is a lot of negative space which you fill beautifully, your long arm quilting is very special - it makes this quilt.



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