March 7, 2016

I Call it Gearish...

Typical feathered wreaths are created by stitching the rounded part (or top) of the feather toward outside of the wreath.  The inner feathers are stitched in the opposite direction...the rounded part of their feather is facing the center of the wreath. 

 Practicing my feathered wreaths before committing them into Rita's quilt... 

 ...i chose to stitch my inner feathers pointing the same direction as my outer feathers.  

See the difference?

I call my version...Gearish.  Both sets of feather 'tops' are stitched in the same direction...creating a movement completely different than the 'traditional' feathered wreath.


  1. Love your quilting no matter what you call it.

  2. Love that finished quilt! great job.

  3. I'm a longarm quilter and didn't catch your "gears" until you pointed them out at the bottom of your post! The finished wreath is lovely, whatever you may call it.

  4. I think I like your version better.



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