February 1, 2016

Happy February!!

Start your month out yummy!

 My snowmen had to take a little unexpected break these past couple weeks.  Offering Free Farmer's Wife classes in January kept me hopping! 

Two more brooms to go...and i'll stitch this cuteness together!  

Since my sweetest little Lucky Dog is no longer sitting by my side helping me with my quilting...especially with my Farmer's Wife quilts...

i've had to settle for Ms. Pig Popper to keep me company.
No replacement for my Lucky...but what a great toy!!!  I'm going to order a couple 'Love Poppers'...a Valentine gift for my sons! Lol!



  1. Cute snowman. Funny sewing friend you have there!

  2. No replacing a pup that's for sure. What kind of pie? Your meringue is gorgeous...wow.



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