November 17, 2015

Check this out...

Last year i was contacted by April from British Columbia.  April wanted to hold a monthly 'Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt~Along' using my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival instructions.  
Over 10 farm wives participated in April's monthly gatherings at Sundrop Textiles plowing through each block.  April's guidance has been unfailing.  In January the Sundrop Textile class will meet again to compile their blocks into lovely quilts. 
 It is an honor to work with you April!  Thank you!

Enjoy this look at April's blocks contained in her beautiful class collages.

Interested in Farming?  

Want to start a 'Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt~Along' at your shop?
Email me for details


  1. Thank you for sharing! How fun to have a group to work with.

  2. Wow! so visually stunning! gorgeous

  3. I have admired April's collages on Facebook as well as all her blocks. Totally wonderful! I haven't seen a group like April's in my area but your Facebook group is so inspiring. Hopefully, after the holidays, I can get back to farming.

  4. These are beautiful!! I have had the book for some time now but have only made one block into a potholder for my mom. I will get to all of them someday! I also have the 1930s edition. Well, not yet; it's being given to me as a Christmas gift. So I'm supposed to forget about it. :)

  5. Muito lindo seu blog..



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