September 3, 2015

Playing on YouTube....

For the past couple years i've been wanting to create some sharing videos on longarming and machine piecing. Today is my first attempt!  A bit awkward with a lot of uummmms thrown in. 

 My mom's probably cringing...and giggling...
~artwork by my aunt Loretta Smith~
         Maybe you'll laugh yourself into stitches watching this!!  Lol

 Follow my video journey on the new 'laugh yourself into Stitches*' YouTube hopes you may learn a quilting tip or two. :)

My first video covers how to eliminate fullness in a quilt top without taking tucks.  


  1. Great video and tip. We are our worse critic, I think your Mom is happy and proud you took made the video.

  2. I loved your video! Now you are officially a video star! Can't wait to see more! Well done!

  3. Nicely done! Just like Bev stated...."can't wait to see more"!!! :)

  4. Well done! When I made my Youtube video I put music to mine, so you could here me! I liked hearing your voice.



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