August 30, 2015

9 FREE Tutorials....

Over the past couple years, i have created and shared a number of quilting tutorials.  
From how to cut 16th inch increments to step by step instructions for making different quilting units like the Magic 8 and the Hourglass block. 
I do not have the ability to offer free downloads on my blog.  :/

So yesterday i downloaded 9 instant free pdf downloads onto my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Facebook Group.  
Whether or not you are making the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt or using my instructions to make this quilt, you are welcome to join us and learn how to become a more confident, skilled quilter by taking advantage of these free download tutorials.
Find them HERE 

You are welcome to share them...please give credit back to laugh yourself into Stitches*  
Happy Quilting!!


  1. I am not on Facebook. Is there another place to view and/or download these tutorials?

    1. Hi Ashley, yes you can download most of them (but not all) by visiting My Craftsy Pattern Store found here:
      You'll have to join Craftsy to download them too.

  2. Hello Karen! Long time no see in blog land! I hope you are well and happy :-)

  3. god to see you back blogging, thanks for these helpful downloads, although I have bought all your classes to make the quilt still not started, feel I need to improve my quilting skills before I tackle such a project but will get there one day!

  4. I will share your FB page with the FB Greek quilter community. Lots of them are beginners, so they might be very pleased with your free tutorials.



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