March 28, 2015

Free Tutorials!

Did you know you can find a collection of Free Tutorials on my Craftsy Pattern Store?  
These are 'must have' tutorials with step by step instructions sharing different quilting methods.  Download them instantly and keep them handy!
Some include math charts for various size quilting units.  

My recent tutorial shares the three most widely used methods for making the Flying Geese unit.  

The Traditional method
 The Corner Triangle method
 and The No Waste method
It also includes 2 cutting charts for a variety of FG unit sizes.

Visit my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE and download some great tools to increase your quilting skills!
Craftsy also has a large assortment of online quilting classes and a fabric store too! 
If you're not a Craftsy should check it out!  
Membership is FREE!


  1. Love your tutorials. I've been quilting since 1980 (gosh, how old AM I? ) but your tutorials are going under the plastic on my Gammill table for show & tell at our store. People love tricks like these! And I'll post your craftsy link to our FB page Key Grocery and Quilts.

  2. You're preaching to the choir here about Craftsy! Love the Eleanor Burns no waste method; I used it just this weekend for a little bag I'm creating! Good last name too! Just sayin' :-)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I need to make a lot of flying geese for my next quilt and was dreading the math. So double thanks for the tables too.

  4. Hi, Karen. Just getting a chance now to check out your freebies and doing some downloading. Of course, I have some because of the FW lessons but it's nice to have all these and will put them in a special folder so I know just where to look. Thanks so much.



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