March 22, 2015

Farmer's Wife Class 4 Complete

Class 4 of my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival lessons uses the Magic 8 method and teaches how to make diamonds with the corner triangle technique.

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  1. Totally gorgeous, Karen. See you on Facebook.

  2. Love all your blocks! I need to get myself in gear to sew....was that a christmas tree candle topper I spied?

  3. love your blocks. I know what fabrics I want to make my blocks from but I am trying to get caught up on one quilt before I start mine. I have been seeing all the great blocks on facebook. Makes me want to start even more but I am being good! LOL

  4. Looks amazing, and I love your fabric choices.

  5. Your blocks are beautiful! Can't wait to start mine, but... have some other things to finish first. I got the Farmer's Wife book, so I am ready to start. All I need now is some time!!

  6. Love your blocks! The colors are just so beautiful!



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