March 12, 2015

Blue Christmas....

This is a shout out to Craftsy member vlj131490
   who posted pictures of Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern on 
my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE

I know...i don't like it when i can't tell who it is...and want to thank them!

This rendition of my Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern is in my favorite colors!!...and the quilting is perfect!!!!
so... vlj131490,  if you are checking my blog....i want to THANK YOU for posting the perfect wintry poppa's tree farm quilt pictures ever!!!!

Here's my quilt in the traditional Christmas colors...
Find the pattern HERE


  1. I believe it's another Elvis sighting...I'll have a blue Christmas without you....I can hear him singing in the background, can't you? haha

  2. Thank you so much! It was so much fun to do... and the colors were picked out for my son. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. Thank you for making it available. Valerie Jones (aka vlj131490) :-)

  3. Valerie did a great job on the blue quilt! Love to see mono quilts but have never made one...hummmm. I mentioned you on my blog today. Do you have your new machine yet? I'll bet it's cool! Take care! XO

  4. Valerie's quilt looks very inviting! Awesome piecing and quilting.

  5. Nice pattern. I like both colour schemes.



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