January 9, 2015

I love snow...

Couldn't resist taking pictures of Poppa's Tree Farm when there was snow on the ground! 
My quilt is made with regular cottons but i think Poppa's Tree Farm would be wonderful in flannel!    
 Find Poppa's Tree Farm pattern HERE
ps....No quilt was harmed during this photo session...lol  Nice dry snow!


  1. Perfect! Tried to call you back...call when you can! XOXO

  2. Thanks for the eye candy this morning!! This quilt is on my TO DO LIST...thanks for reminding me!! Love it!

  3. Just love your quilt and the way you did the picture.
    I don't think any quilt was Hurt.
    since this was one way they use to clean them and rugs in the old days.
    they would they out in the snow and rub snow on the top. the cold would kill any bugs. and then drape to dry.

  4. Mean it didn't freeze?!! hahahah

  5. Oh my, if you knew how hot it was here!!! Can we swap places?? I am a winter lover and I have asked for our summer to end.........but it is still here!



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