July 22, 2014

Want to improve your quilting skills?

Want to learn new quilting methods and techniques?
Here's how!

Beginning September 4, 2014 a new Facebook Quilt~Along group using my classes will be working together to complete The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt!  There are over 200 members and growing!
Block images...compliments of AngelasQuilts

Make approximately 10 Farmer's Wife blocks with step by step detailed instructions and piecing illustrations per class.  Each class is offered for $8.50.   For more detailed information on my 'Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival' classes, Click HERE

 Class 8 will be available next week!
In classes 1-7, we have learned how to stitch loose triangles, corner triangles, the magic 8 method, hourglass method, no waste flying geese method, how to cut using 16th" measurements and much more!  
Oh...and only a handful of templates used!  Yippee for that!
Class 8 will cover how to create mirror images.  

My classes are not JUST for making 
The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt...Oh No!  
It's more about strengthening ones quilting skills
 and learning new methods!

A strong beginner can make this quilt following my instructional classes. 
 Here are a few unsolicited comments by happy quilters!

I have purchased the first set of this Fab Quilt. so far I am Addicted and hooked, would recommended anyone to follow the journey and of course your blog 
Hi Karen! I'm still farming and my scrappy, modern farm is continuing to blossom with your wonderful classes. I couldn't have gone this far without you. I feel like I'm becoming a real quilter, getting years of experience and tricks with these classes and have recommended them to everyone. 
Follow your blog via email. I have the book and have made several of the blocks using the paper piecing method. Then I discovered your classes on Craftsy. I purchased the first one and completed all those blocks. Your instructions were great! So, I purchased the next two classes and have been working my way through those blocks.
I am definitely a traditional farmer. I follow your blog and craftsy site, having finished the first 3 Farmer's wife lessons. Thanks for all the great tips and techniques. I may actually finish this quilt after all.
I'm doing my blocks traditionally and I'm even sewing them up on my Featherweight. You have made the directions so easy to follow and they're sewing up very quickly.
Thank you for a wonderful set of instructions for the Farmers Wife. I wasn't able to work on this with success until I found your class on Craftsy. You do a great job with your instructions and tips.

I recommend joining the new Facebook group...
Purchase options for the classes found HERE

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  1. Congratulations on the success of the farmers quilt and love your new profile photo.



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