July 2, 2014

Make it Sparkle!

I've been a quilter for gosh, 20+ years now?   Worked in a quilt shop...been around tons of fabric, samples and inspiration from lots and lots of quilters.  

The #1 concern and hear over and over comes from a lack of confidence when choosing the right fabrics.

Today i am sharing my recent blog post written for Craftsy 
called Make it Sparkle!  It's all about the importance of contrast.

Click....Make it Sparkle!   Please consider sharing your thoughts in the comment section of the Craftsy blog post.  Does this article help you?  

I love to learn from you too!  


  1. What a great idea. Good luck, wishing you well. P.s lovely quilt & quilting.

  2. Great idea...and the quilt is gorgeous!!!!



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