July 25, 2014

Are you a dog or cat lover??

My new paw leggings came in the mail today!!  LOVE THEM!!
    Get your paw leggings from my niece Chelsea....HERE  If you don't see them listed...contact her!  She's making more!

You know i love #myluckydog !! 
Cutest dog in the whole wide world...my world!

1 comment:

  1. YES! Love my dogs and cats...Dave used to say if we weren't careful, we'd end up on the evening news: "Tazewell couple have 24 cats..." I'd look at him askance, "You say that like it's a bad thing?!" I'm down to 2 dogs and 6 house cats, not sure how many barn cats and 8 horses. I think the red fox this morning was just visiting...at least, I hope she's not taking up residence.



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