June 7, 2014


I've been asked a number of time if i would offer a 'printable' version of the Magic 8 method.  Today i am offering a 5 page instant download taken from my recent Magic 8 blog post HERE.  The tutorial is now available on my Craftsy Pattern Store.  
You'll have to join Craftsy if you are not already a member...and I would love it if you follow me on My Pattern Store.  Here's the LINK.  oh...did i mention the download is FREE?!
Once you are following Craftsy, head to my 
Craftsy Pattern Store,...where you'll find a handful of my patterns and this FREE 5 page printable version of the Magic 8 method.  You can download it instantly and print it off!  

 Also offered on my Craftsy Pattern Store is a FREE 'print friendly' download of my '5 Golden Rules...Successful Quilting Tips'.     

 For those participating in my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival pattern classes...the Magic 8 method is used in many many Farmer's blocks!  Like this Farmer's Wife block 'Glass Dish'! Making this block super ezpz!
These print version tips and tutorials are great to add to your Farmer's Wife journal notebook for easy reference too!

I will be publishing more FREE tutorials soon...through my Craftsy Pattern Store...so follow me there to receive future offerings!


  1. I've been making quilt blocks from some old graph paper blocks I designed in the 80's and they all use triangles. I've been using your Magic 8 method and it makes PERFECT half-square triangles! I love this method! XO

  2. I am currently participating in your Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival and using the Magic 8 Method. My blocks are coming out perfect! For me, this method is the only one I will use from this day forward.

  3. THANK YOU for sharing your patterns. 24Tangent "at" gmail "dot" com

  4. many thanks for this tutorial, it is so clear and easy to follow

  5. Thank you for sharing. I love your patterns.

  6. just found your blog today, courtesy of 44th street fabric, while looking at north wind block patterns. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, and am now following you on bloglovin. Thanks again!

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