June 12, 2014

Cool leggings!

Sharing images from my niece Chelsea's Etsy shop, LegTaHose!
Her hand drawn leggings are selling like crazy!  She began her legging business back in December and recently participated in the 'Made in Tahoe' event showcasing local artists.  Chelsea sold out of everything!  
Check out her Etsy Shop HERE  

 Cost?  Low to mid $20's
If you don't see one of these legging designs in her shop, contact her! Let her know what you would like.   She has other designs available too.

 Follow Chelsea on her Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE
Perfect yoga pants, under a dress, skirt, shirt or under a pair of ripped up jeans.  
 One size fits most...stretchy, high wasted and super comfy.  Quality of the leggings are awesome and Chelsea's designs are fabulous!!    

Read all the shop reviews...100% 5 Stars!
Get your pair of leggings today!  HERE


  1. Thanks for posting about the leggings! I was looking for something for my niece's birthdays. Perfect!

  2. My daughter would love these!! On my way to check them out and share the info with her!! :)

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