April 18, 2014

A break from the world of quilting to focus on a real need

Meet my son Tucker...
he's an amazing man. I say that not because he's my son...but truly those who know him think so too. 

He has a great passion and desire to give of himself to help others.

Today he works for a nonprofit organization called Peak 7. The organization provides outdoor adventures for many 'at risk' kids. And there are so many of them today. Not only does Tucker work for Peak 7 but he volunteers many hours guiding rafting trips and other high adventure experiences, mentoring and sharing his love with those in need.

Please consider a few moments of your time to learn about Peak 7 and how you can help those who so desperately need our attention.

Tucker asked if i would spread the word to help raise funds for an upcoming Peak 7 adventure. You'll find more information HERE on the trip and how you can help.  

Once a donation is made you will receive an instant emailed tax-deductible receipt.

I don't do this sort of thing on my blog but i have a huge heart for our youth...especially those in their teenage years and especially those who come from homes filled with dissolution.

thank you for your consideration... 

Read this recent Spokane Newspaper article...HERE
Tucker being Tucker...


  1. Good on you Tucker. I think it's wonderful that Tucker is out there helping youngsters. There are so many all over the world today with no hope and nothing to look forward to.

  2. it's probably my computer but i couldn't make the 'donate' button work for PayPal. can't resist a photo of a man who cares about others. i'll try another route for a donation.

  3. Good for Tucker, my daughter wants to work for a non-profit too. Spokesman-Review, are you near Spokane? I live in the Tri-cities.



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