March 21, 2014

Fat Quarter Bundle +

I know the Aqua and Red fabric combos have been hot!  Such a great feel for summer!!!...check out this bundle from Jane's Fabric Shop.  I'm kinda digg'n the pink in the floral fabric fatquarter too.  

Love these daisys!!!

Speaking of the pink....look at this grouping!!  
Also found at Jane's!
Another shot of my little Farmer's Wife table cloth.  Made with 25 farmer's wife blocks and pattern is included with Class Three
The Sandy River in the background...
i think this might be the perfect picnic quilt!

Oh but wait!....what about this fabric collection at Janes???
I can see those 6-1/2" blocks now!!
So many beautiful color options!
For more information on the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival classes....Click HERE


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out. I even thought about using that yellow grouping.
    Now, don't you dare use that as picnic quilt, it is way to pretty to put on the ground!

  2. I see the red and aqua colours alot on the internet and love them. Your quilt is too nice to use as a picnic quilt. It should be displayed somewhere where it won't get dirty. It would also look fantastic in the yellow prints. Thanks for sharing. It's always good to see the possible colour combinations.

  3. Damn - just when I thought the first collection was great (the pink in amongst the aqua and red is AWESOME), you put MORE on there...DROOLING before bedtime is going to make for might messy sleep tonight! LOVE the "picnic" quilt - absolutely kick-ass! Happy weekend...Tanya

  4. I LOVE Jane's Fabrics! And, no, that is NOT a picnic quilt! In what twisted world would this be a picnic quilt? PICNIC QUILT!!! I don't think so. Well, now that you have my opinion, I'm going to go make a NON-PICNIC quilt using your great instructions. XO

  5. I love your bundles from Janes! I must go check them out... I also am inspired by your quilting along the border....I started sketching right away! A beautiful finish!



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