February 8, 2014

Snow Excited!!

Remember this photo?
Stars for every Season would make a great Valentine quilt!
i absolutely love my jay...perched on his railing come rain or shine.
Today he's almost up to his eyeballs in snow!
He looks a bit angry  :/
Such a beautiful morning in Zigzag, Oregon
I love snow and it continues to fall. yippeee!!
 My sister-in-law Miss Sandra, took a couple pictures this morning outside her window.   
I like them, they're sweet
And my cousin Andrew recently reminded me of this great song...
Thanks Andy!

Click HERE to learn more about my 'Stars for every Season' quilt.


  1. Oh Karen, love the snow! As you know it summer through & through here in New Zealand!

  2. I have missed snow a lot since moving to Oregon. I know I could drive to the snow from Hillsboro but it is just not the same as looking at it out your own window. Your window has a much better view than mine does though.

  3. Makes you wonder how such fragile creatures survive the snow doesn't it!
    Stay indoors!!

  4. Yes the snow is beautiful, we've had our fair share lately which is very unusual. I was so excited until we lost all power, heating, water, telephone and internet, not fun at all. I sure got alot of sleep though. With now power I was in bed for 8.30pm and was awake before the sun came up. I'm just pleased its now melting and services are back to normal.



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