January 29, 2014

Viewing quilt blocks through photo collages

Whether you are taking my online Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classor have a stack of Farmer's Wife blocks in your UFO pile (we all have those piles!) ...or working on a quilt with various blocks,
photo collages can be a great tool. There are a number of free online photo sites for making collages. I am familiar with Picmonkey There's a little learning curve...but really quite easy to do.

This collage of 9, let's one see how the first few blocks look together

This next set of 16 shows a good balance of red and aqua, but feels a bit heavy.

With 20 blocks and more white fabrics added into the mix...it's starting to look great...just needs 5 more blocks for our desired total of 25. This is a good time to decide if a repeat of certain fabrics should be introduced and a shuffle of the blocks so all the lighter ones are dispersed more evenly

Here's the final 25....now the fun of picking out sashing, cornerstones and a border!
Set your collage as your desktop...this gives a great perspective for making color/fabric decisions!

These Farmer's Wife blocks and photo collages are made by Bev of 44th Street Fabric blog.  Bev has been sewing this series of blocks to make into a table topper for me. The pattern for this darling topper will be included in Class Three of the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class coming out in March.

Speaking of upcoming classes...
Class Two, along with a table runner pattern, will be available Monday February 3rd.  

Have you seen our Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Flickr Group?  Click the button on my sidebar to visit or join!

Let's make 2014 the year to FINISH this amazing quilt!!

If you'd like to begin this quilt journey...below is a link to purchase 
Laurie Aaron Hird's book, The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.


  1. January was just crazy full of projects. I'm hoping that February may be a bit better but seems like it's pretty full too but I do know for sure that come 20th March everything will be much quieter. I'm really looking forward to trying these out.

  2. Hi Karen! I use Picasa 3 to make collages. It's free and pretty easy to use. Making the Farmer's Wife quilt with your method is soooo fast and easy. I'm about ready to make some more of them! XO

  3. I love the idea of creating a "collage" of our blocks. It really does offer wonderful perspective. I'm going to try this .Thanks for the idea and directions. ;)

  4. Good idea to use a photo collage. I had not thought of using it as a quilting tool.

  5. Thanks for this helpful hint - I will definitely use it to keep my FW from becoming too dark and getting some of the background pieces in it and especially as my background - just to keep me motivated!

  6. Computer background that is..... :)



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