January 27, 2014

Cutting 16th inch cuts

Have you ever come across a quilt pattern where there is a need to cut a 16th of an inch?  This may sound a bit intimidating!
It's really not...and you may run across it now and again.

The photo below represents an inch on my Omnigrid ruler.
Locate the 1/2" mark, the 1/4" marks and the 1/8" marks. 

Divide between each of the above markings to find each 16th

Below are a few examples on how to cut 16th's.

Your pattern calls for a 1/16th" cut. 

Line your ruler half way between the full inch mark and the following 1/8" mark.  
 For a 9/16" cut, place the ruler half way between the 1/2" mark and the 5/8" mark
A 15/16" cut is measured half way between the 7/8" mark and the next full inch marking.
Make sense?  Questions?

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