November 10, 2013

Who knew??

I was asked about a month ago if mailed copies of my patterns were available.
I had not considered this method of pattern sales until asked 
and thought, why not? 
Not thinking it would amount to much, 
my first few orders were mailed as unfolded full sheets.  
Surprisingly, the number of quilters purchasing mailed patterns prompted a much needed re-think of how to package my patterns. 
I thought..."Oh gosh...i better look a bit more official, professional....serious.". 
It all caught me so off guard! 
I suppose we all have to start somewhere.  :) 
Here's what they look like today.
A big THANK YOU to everyone for making my new adventure a success.  
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  1. That is a wonderful bonus!! Congratulations.

  2. Just got our second pattern in paper now too. There is something about being able to hold and touch your own patterns that makes it more real! Enjoy!!



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