October 8, 2013


Here's a quick tutorial for making y~seams.
I've paper pieced the blue and white units, ready to add the white square using the y~seam method.
Mark a 1/4" seam line on the wrong side of the  white square.
 Lay the marked square, right sides together on the left blue and white unit.  Line up the edges and place a setting pin through the marked intersection (X) matching it with the seam of the blue and white unit underneath.
 Starting from the outer edge, stitch along the drawn line and stop with a small back stitch where the drawn lines intersect.
 press up
 Take the second blue and white unit and place right sides together over the white square 
 Turn the unit over and place a setting pin in the drawn intersection on the white square, matching the blue and white seam underneath. 
 Begin stitching the seam where the previous stitching line stopped.  Make sure the seams underneath are laying flat, take a tiny back stitch and stitch all the way to end of the fabric 
 Fold the stitched unit right sides together like this and pin to keep the blue fabrics lined up and together.
 Start stitching exactly where the last stitched line stopped, taking a small back stitch and sew the blue fabrics pieces together.
 Open up the seams and press.



  1. Fabulous! Definitely need to try this.. thanks for sharing this!

  2. You've made this look so easy! Thanks for all the great pics!

  3. This is way to complicated for me! I've got to make it through the holidays and then get cracking on Dad's T-shirt quilt! He wants it before he kicks the bucket he said...so I guess I have about 20 years to complete it!!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial Karen. Lovely large, clear photos.



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