August 5, 2013

Holy Bat Cave!

My recent move to the mountains receives frequent visitors..............eeeeekkkkssss!
I found this little guy stuck to my wall INSIDE my house!
Fortunately my husband was home, scooped this little critter up and took him OUTSIDE!
Wrapped in a small towel, we laid him on the railing of our back deck...Gosh, during the daytime when they sleep...they really sleep!  
He was out like a light...thank goodness!
We unwrapped the towel and there he was upside down (last photo)...he did not move a muscle.  We then gently flipped him over...for fear he would fly into my hair!!!!...and i had to take pictures!
He opened his wings and just laid there.  Finally after the excitement and the shivers up and down my spin...i went inside and left him alone...within a few minutes, my little visitor was gone.  I hope he does not return!


  1. I went to a lecture about bats...a local expert was in I went! Fascinating creatures! He did give us all a warning though...if you see a bat during the day there is usually a reason...he is probably sick. You did the right thing by wrapping him in a towel before touching him. Glad he was able to fly away. I taught Grade One and the kids LOVED learning about Bats...ugly to look at though, aren't they! It's that darn nose of their's! Not to mention those wings!! EEEEeek!

  2. I appreciate bats and their contribution to nature (eating bugs!) but ewwww! they still gross me out! I don't mean to freak you out even more but my question is how did he get into the house? and if anyone is sleeping in a room and discovers a bat, they really need to go to the hospital/doctor, bat bites can be so tiny, appearing like a tiny pin prick and they're notorious for carrying rabies. (I saw a lot of these occurrences as an ER RN)

  3. Bats just are really creepy looking. No way around it!

    Funny story - when I was living in my apartment several years ago, I was reading in bed without my glasses. (I can see fine up close but my distance vision is horrific.) Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something hanging from the ceiling. I ran screaming out of my bedroom...still without glasses. I put on a baseball cap, grabbed a broom and headed back into my room. First thing I grabbed my glasses off the nightstand. It was only then that I realized that what I had perceived to be a small bat hanging from the ceiling was really a fire sprinkler head!!

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  5. Several years ago when the kids were young we were swimming at dusk. We peeked over the edge of a pool and saw a bat laying in the rose bed, staring at us with those beady little eyes. My husband was notified and Mr. Macho Protetor took it as an excuse to bust out the artillery. Children & Livestock at risk, afterall!
    Three or four well placed shots later, it was discovered that our batty encounter was actually a wrinkled chunk of the black ground cover plastic that had become exposed.
    A case of over active imaginations and a bit much testosterone! Poor Dad still hasn't been allowed to live it down.

    On a more serious note. two bats in the hills north of us have tested positive for rabies this summer. One of them actually flew in and bit a woman who was on a raft trip going down the river.

  6. I like bats - really! Just not in the house! This is my story about finding a bat in my bedroom, funny after the fact especially the part about me running around shrieking!!!

  7. Oh, Karen, I had bats in my room growing up. They totally creep me out!

  8. Oh no no no no no!!! Me no do bats! I got shivers just looking at the pictures!!! If I happen to see one you will learn a whole new meaning to the word scream!!!! OK I have to go relax after seeing those pix!!!

  9. that last pic is hilarious!!!

  10. Poor thing it probably was even more scared than you!

  11. fascinating, One time when we were camping, one was asleep in the camper fold out "porch" my father n law didnt see it and put his hand on it and it bit him, so he killed it and took it to the forest marshall and they gave him a ticket for killing it, it was protected in that area. LOL........

  12. We used to get bats in our cabins at camp. It was a bit freaky with them flying around, trying to find the way out. No sleeping on the top bunk... Anyway, finally getting some sewing done. I have done about 8 blocks for Farmer's Wife in the last week. I have about 15 more to go. We'll see how far I get before school starts. I miss you and hope I can make it to sew with the ladies one of these days. Hope to see you soon.

  13. My husband went to help a neighbor get a bat out of her patio umbrella but when it flew out out him he screamed like a little girl. I would have been scared too but to see my husband the hero in that type of situation all I could do is laugh.
    Good luck with all the little visitors



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