July 16, 2013

Security Nap

During our quilt retreat this past weekend, my friend Betsy made this cute little Security Blanket...or Security Nap (short for napkin).
Flannel with satin blanket binding, it measures approximately 14"x18".  
 Perfect size for a little one to embrace while sucking their thumb,
 holding when strapped in the car seat or finding comfort at time for bed. 

Just two layers of flannel basted with wrong sides together adding a prepackaged satin binding.  Slip the binding over the two layers of flannel, 
(sides first) 
overlapping the flannel about 1", then sew using a decorative stitch of your choice.
Add the top and bottom binding strips last, 
pressing under the raw edges about 1" 
and stitch into  place.
a walking foot is helpful when sewing satin.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial!! I can see some of these in my near future!! Thank you!

  2. my daughter has a favourite blanket that she needed all the time. Grandma had crocheted it, and dragging it around was a pain. i asked grandma for a 'square foot' and it sufficed as a take everywhere blankie...it fit in my pocket, it didn't drag on the ground in the stroller, and the main blanket was kept clean for bedtime. She knew it was her 'little' blanket, but it was enough.



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