June 18, 2013

How do you Display your Quilts???

Here are a few of my crazy quilt displays...the 3rd photo is an old stair banister and the last picture is the side-rail from an antique crib. Now go grab your camera...take a photo or two...blog about your displays and link back here! Click on the blue link button above and join in the party!!!


  1. Wow! I don't think anyone will have anything as original as yours! Very cool!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Very creative! I don't have anything as cool as what you have shown. Just the usual quilt holders, and our beds of course!

  3. Hi Karen!

    I ran across this fun idea to share our display methods & really wanted to join in with you. I hope it is okay that I linked up a post from a few months ago.
    None of my displays are as creative & unique as yours though. LOVE the one draped around the animal head...a cute touch of whimsy!
    I have the book "Urban/Country Quilts" that the pattern came from & have been dying to get busy on doing one. Yours is GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for inviting us to join in & share our passion.

  4. Very cool.....I sure don't have anything as creative as that to share!

  5. Karen, Thanks for having a such a fun post--I look forward to see what creative minds are up to!!!! I just linked up. Helen



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