May 27, 2013

I've always had this idea for a cutting table, 
but never enough room to pull it off. 
 With my recent move, i now have the space.
 Initially, i thought i would find what i was looking for at an unfinished furniture store...but was surprised at the prices.  
I did not want to spend $400+ per dresser!
  I've never shopped at Ikea before ...i'm more of a junker shopper, but thought i would go online and take a look...found exactly what i wanted!...and  $139 each.  Okay wow, price is good...probably cheap construction, but i'm not putting these in a boy's bedroom...i'll be careful with them.  I sent my handy husband to Ikea to check them out and he was quite impressed.  Of course they come in a box with assembly required....i said "handy husband" didn't i?  Yes i did, and he spent a good portion of yesterday putting them together.  All i can say about these 'cheap' dressers...not cheap at all!!  Price is cheap, but the quality is fantastic.  They are super heavy...draws are heavy and slide nicely.  The assembly went together issues.  There are 2 brackets on the back of each dresser to either fasten to a wall or to each other. This will suck up the gap between them.   My current work space is temporary while we add an addition to our home for my i told 'Handy' just to wait on fastening them together and he'll just shim them up for now.
 They each measure approximately 63" long 19" deep 35" tall.  Total of 12 drawers to hold tons!!!!  And the best part...i can walk around all 4 sides and the height is good for cutting.  
That's my 36" cutting mat.
I'm a happy girl.


  1. Karen la idea es fantástica...ya tienes una tabla de corte genial. Un beso

  2. Karen, I'm jealous! This is a great idea.

  3. Fantastic, great to have a nice working space.

  4. I wish I gad that much room! They look great, enjoy.

  5. You are the BEST!!! This is EXACTLY what I've been thinking of for turning into a new ironing station! By thought was to take a single dresser, (and this size is perfect!), and create a padded topper for it, with a slight framed edge on it, so it could snug up all around and stay put! I'm so sick of my crappy ironing board that tilts and wobbles, and is narrow, and the taper end is so hard to press yardage on! Plus, there's all that wasted space underneath, that I could have drawers instead! Woot! I'm so excited now to think I can get this! And for easy money, too! Yippee! Thanks for posting this!

  6. Yo quisiera tener una de esas!

  7. what a great find! I need to buy a couple of these for my sewing room! Sue

  8. Great idea, now you have a cutting table. I buy a lot at Ikea, for example my cutting table now I've become a frame for hand quilting my current Quilt. You can see it on my blog. Also what you have done with the furniture you can serve to iron.
    Here I put a link of jobs that can be done with Ikea furniture:


  9. Great idea! I envy you the space! I have 10 tall Ikea shelves for my fabric. I love Ikea shelves! Love your Lady Liberty blocks too! Can't wait to see the new studio!

    Cheery wave from

  10. Hi Karen, love your workstation,but may i give you advice? Make sure the 2 parts are level and there's no gap between the surfaces, because when you cut your fabric crossing the edge of these two surfaces on the mat, the difference in level will show through your mat and will affect the cut, and it will leave a mark on your mat. mmm, not sure if I explained it well. It's like when you put paper on coin and run a crayon over the paper, the print of the coin will show through the paper.

  11. This is a wonderful idea...I guess I need to check out Ikea, as I've been using a Sams Club banquet table up on bed risers. This is soooo much more functional.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh how wonderful! They look so sharp, clean, efficient and perfect! What a great idea.



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