January 22, 2013

On 44th Street

Today my bloggy friend Bev....with her cheery wave, wrote a very nice post on her blog about meShe's mailing me a quilt that i am anxious to receive and spend a few days drooling...i mean doodling over with my needle. Bev is an amazing quilter...always, always has a new project started and finishing...and always, lots of give aways!   Such an inspiration!!  She has a terrific blog found here and an online fabric shop found here.  She has a lot of Blake Riley fabrics, awesome for Dresden's!!.....You must go spend some time with Bev...
i'm glad i do!

photo taken from Bev's blog...ain't she great? 
Look at those Dresden's!!  Cheery wave to you Bev!!!


  1. Cute quilt!
    An FYI, white text doesn't show up if you are reading the post in the Google Reader. :)

  2. I saw her blog post today. Beautiful quilts and quilting!

  3. Yikes.....look at those amazing Dresdens!!! Oh Karen have fun with that one!

  4. Thanks Karen! What a nice surprise! I guess I should send you this quilt too. I've used it as an avatar for months and it's just an unquilted top. Kind of embarrassing. I'm just so excited to find someone who is a great machine quilter! Your work is amazing and I wish more people could see it! Thanks again!

    Cheery wave!


  5. Congratulations, Karen. What a lovely friend you've made. Your quilting is amazing.



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