December 3, 2012


Lila's table topper...quilted with snowflakes. I think the little corner wreaths could use a few blue iridescent seed beads.  Silver poly thread was used to enhance the silver sparkles of the fabric...which does not show in the picture.
 Diane's quilt with lots of swirls.
another batch of farmer's wife blocks in the making.
i spent the past few days at my in-laws in the Seattle area. 
They live on Magnolia over looking Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and the activity of sailboats in the summer, barges, ferries and cruise liners headed from the Seattle docks out into the waters past their home. The weather was typical winter gray and i brought my machine so i could work on the Farmer's wife blocks needed for my class on Wednesday.

This is their breathtaking view on a beautiful evening. Unfortunately it is being hidden
by new homes like this (which is right next door to them) towering over existing houses blocking views.  My mother and father in law are in their 80's, I suppose someday their home will turn into one of these too.  


  1. Lila's table topper looks like a bit harder design and it was very well done.

  2. Beautiful view! Nice to work in such a lovely environment.

  3. Lovely quilting on the do a wonderful job.

    F x

  4. Beautiful quilting, Karen, particularly the snowflake quilt. It's gorgeous.

    I love your view, and so sorry that the big mega-mansions are taking over the views. It makes you wonder why they don't have zoning restrictions that make it impossible to build anything other than a one story home closest to the shore so that everyone can enjoy the view??

  5. Maravillosos trabajos y maravillosas vistas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lovely work Karen, I'm enjoying your "snowflake" quilt. It's a shame they don't have those zoning restrictions, here, in Australia, they need council approvals before building can commence in those areas where a vista can be impaired by such a structure. It's a shame this hasn't happened.............. and to top it all off, the picture you've shown of this mansion , is such an EYESORE........ ugly!!
    Enjoy your day.



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