December 13, 2012

Christmas Trees

This might be a bit overkill...considering i posted some pictures of these trees already....but i love them so much!
  Last year i was unable to get together with my cousins to make the original pine cone tree, but this year i did...and oh, did i go to town!

Here's the pine cone tree made from Digger Pines my cousin Linda brought from San Luis Obispo 
A couple bottle brush trees i purchased and stuck into old doorknobs
 a sheet music tree with  a doorknob stand
 glittery tree made from purchased wrapping accessories
 old wooden cone tree from a cookie roller i use when making my Christmas Krumkake
 simple card stock shaped cones stacked and covered in corduroy 
 Linda also brought back bark from a eucalyptus tree.  I think this is my favorite tree
 more sheet music
 a purchased primitive tree sits inside my old baby cup engraved with my name 
This years Christmas Mantel 

My client Lila sent this photo displaying her recently quilted table topper.  Love her tree too!!


  1. Awesome! Love them!

    Cheery wave!


  2. Where did you buy the stripe stockings? Love the pine cone tree.

  3. Beautiful post, Karen and love your delightful trees...Never can have to many, tis" the season ya know!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  4. Love, love....I'm in love with them ALLLLLLLL!!!

  5. what a wonderful display of fun trees!

  6. great trees especially love the pine cone tree

  7. them all. I love a variety of like things and this is just perfect. So glad to visit this morning.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. Love each of your trees and decor, so creative!! Happy New Year!



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