November 7, 2012

The trip around my longarm...a brief binding tutorial

This is Billie's quilt.....loooove it!
The trip around...
I start stitching the binding on the right side of the already quilted top.  Usually about 2/3rds of the way down is where i begin.  The bottom is stitched next, then up the left side (below)
and across the top of the quilt
i have to peer over the handles 
when stitching the top.  The hopping foot is even with the raw edges measuring 1/4".
Preparing the corners...i don't have to stop and start...i just zip out of the way, make my folds
and zip back into place and off i go...
 down the right side where i began.  
I must add that where i start and where i stop, i leave at least a 12" unstitched tail.  This allows me to manipulate the binding when mitering the two ends together.
Off the machine and trimming the tail exactly 2-1/2" longer by overlapping the beginning strip.
This measurement is determined by the width of the binding before it is folded in half.  I mark, then cut.
 Always referring to my Alex Anderson book, i flip and mark the tail for a mitered seam and stitch.
 The excess is trimmed
 and the seam is pressed open.
Finishing the final trip around
 on my domestic machine.
Billie used a black backing, stitched with a variegated 'Brights' Signature Thread for both top and bottom. 


  1. This was wonderful! Thanks for sharing the technique! And I love that quilting you did, and the variegated thread looks fabulous!

  2. hey chickie! Thanks I never thought you would do binding on your longarm! cool quilt, I love the touches of bright fabric & your thread.

  3. Always nice to see techniques. The colorful stitching looks cute.

  4. Thanks for the great tutorial. I definetely will try it, when my longarm and me are better friends :-) I have to practise...
    The Quilt looks great and the quilting makes it perfect. Love the backside of the quilt also really much.

  5. Hi Karen, found you from Sew Many Ways linky party and I'm "sew" glad I did! Just purchased a longarm and this tutorial (and your others) will come in so handy. All of your work is beautiful, thanks so much for sharing it with us :)

  6. OHHH I never thougth of doing the binding on the long arm. Ihave a mid arm, but it would still work. then I wouldn't have to clean off my sewing table!

  7. Very cute! I'm always impressed with quilts. They are beautiful works of art!

  8. love the striped binding we do bindings the same way only I don't have a long arm

  9. How do you avoid a seam at a corner? Do you measure it before the first stitch?

  10. Love that quilt and the striped binding. And I love varigated quilting. Cool.



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