November 27, 2012

Table topper

Finished sewing together my Christmas table topper.  Wool applique onto cotton. Machine quilting will have to wait a bit.
A bit of northwest sun shining through the window!
 My evening 'sit by the fire' English paper-piecing stars 

**Important blogging maintenance note: 
I went to load these pictures onto this new post and was informed i no longer have storage available for my pictures.  I can upgrade for a price.  Okay...i suppose i have to comply.  But after reading a bit more i noticed free storage of photos will continue if i size my pictures to 2048x2048 pixels. 
Click here if you would like more information. 


  1. Lovely projects, the sleds are wonderful. Thanks for the info about pictures.

  2. Here is more good info on how to keep your pictures free on blogger.

  3. Wonderful. And the blue stars are so fantastic. Nice fabric.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  4. Love your topper. :d Thanks for sharing the picture info.

  5. You can also go to and resize some of your old pictures to free up space. More than likely most of them are way bigger than they need to be. To resize a picture find the one you want to edit, click on the drop down "Actions" menu and "Edit in Creative Kit" and you can resize it. I resized all mine and went from using a quarter of my allotted storage to less than 1%

  6. LOVE LOVE the table topper!!! So warm & cosy looking. the EPP too!
    Thanks for that info.....I have never heard of the problem ;-/

  7. I like what I am seeing, must use my big computer tomorrow to view your gallery. Fyi Have you checked out Primitive Gatherings site? Her site looks like it would be right up your ally. I am also looking for more followers on my blog. Please check it out: Thanx

  8. Splendid applique, it looks wonderful.

    F x

  9. Karen qué trabajo tan precioso. Me gusta como queda las aplicaciones con lana sobre las telas de algodón.
    El problema de las fotos le está pasando a muchas chicas. Un beso

  10. I love your Christmas runner, thanks for entering it in the Christmas Parade.



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