November 20, 2012

Lady Bug Picnic

Some time ago i had the privilege of quilting bugs into Linda's quilt.  Linda lives in the Sacramento area and recently joined the local quilt guild. 
A couple months ago i received a call from Linda letting me know she had decided to enter her quilt into the Guild's quilt show.  She'd never entered a quilt in a show before and neither had i.  Honestly i'd forgotten all about it until Linda called last week.  We won a 3rd place ribbon in the Two Person Pieced Quilt category!  I was shocked...and so was Linda!  What a fantastic surprise for both of us!! 
A day or two later, i'm scrolling through my 
blogroll and notice the words...
"River City Quilt Show".  How odd i thought...and immediately clicked on the curious words. 
Lady Bug Picnic!
Life is often curious and unsuspecting....
My first ribbon!  Linda's first ribbon! 
We're both flabbergasted! 
Can you find all the bugs, bees, butterfly
 and even a worm?  All on their way to the picnic.
Photos, compliments of Marina and Daryl
Quilt Inspiration


  1. I went to the River City quilt show last weekend, it was AWESOME! Its definately on my list of annual quilt shows to attend...congrats on your exciting!

  2. Congratulations, you must be delighted...and it looks terrific too.

  3. What a fabulous treat for both of you!! Cute little bugs.

  4. Awesome quilt and great piecing job!

    Cheery wave!


  5. Congratulations! And the quilt is so sweet!

  6. Felicidades por vuestro premio, es un quilt precioso!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nice work! What an honor to be featured on the Quilt Inspiration blog. It's a good one!

  8. congratulations to you both
    fun quilt!

  9. Felicidades ,muy bello.PAZ Y AMOR

  10. Congratulations to Karen and Linda! "Ladybug Picnic" was one of our favorite quilts at the River City Quilt Show. Obviously the judges recognized the clever and colorful design, expert piecing and creative quilting. Thanks for inspiring us with this wonderful quilt!

  11. Congratulations! Love the quilt, beautiful colours.

  12. Congratulations to you both on your ribbon. I haven't been brave enough yet to enter a quilt in our guild show. It takes me forever to make a quilt and it's always for someone.
    I saw ants on their way to your picnic. Really cute.



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