October 8, 2012

Dresden Center Circles Tutorial

 A super easy way to make those center circles

 The trick is to double the freezer paper.  Using an acrylic template for my longarm quilting, i trace around it onto the dull side of the freezer paper. Next, place a second piece of freezer paper underneath.  Both pieces have the shiny side down.  Find anything round, bottle lid, flashlight, plate, whatever is available to trace around.

Iron the 2 pieces of freezer paper together.  Both pieces should have the shiny sides down and don't worry about it sticking to the ironing cover.
Cut out along the drawn line

 Place the shiny side down on the wrong side of the fabric and press
 Trim the fabric approximately 1/4" larger than your template...
...and press the edges over the freezer paper.
 Use a bit of my favorite Best Press.  The freezer paper will curl up a bit, but nothing to worry about.
Leaving the freezer paper in place, flip over to the top side and press again
 let it cool completely then remove the freezer paper and gently press one more time
 I use a small amount of Roxanne Glue Baste-It to hold the center circle in place.  I'm a huge fan of hand applique, but since i will be making 12 of these Dresden's with 2 center circles, I'm trying my hand at machine applique.  For this i am using Superior Mono Poly thread on top with a So Fine thread in the bobbin.  Slick and Quick!


  1. Great technique....beautiful block!

  2. That is a great tip! did you know how much I LOVE Dresdens???

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Much easier than my method.



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