October 12, 2012

Country Wedding Ring finish

Sharing my thoughts on  how I quilted the 
Country Wedding Ring.
Using Deloa's Appliquide ruler, i stitched in the ditch around each ring including the buds and leaves.
 With an acrylic edge, stitched in the ditch along the straight edges.

 Next came the free form half feathers....
and cross hatching once in the white checks and in the opposite direction, stitched once in the blue checks. 
 I was able to do all the quilting in the inner ring with only one start and stop.
 McTavished in the open white areas
 More free hand feathers in the inner border with a simple zigzag in the patched border.
 Lining up with the single patches and using the acrylic ruler as a guide, piano keys were stitched in the final border.
I placed a piece of blue tape to my ruler for a straight edge to follow but mostly eyeballed the straight lines. The lines on the yellow ruler did not measure the same distance as the single patches. So it was a bit of guess work at play.
(ya know...no quilt is ever really truly exactly square....) 
 The photo below shows a marked corner using a Pilot Frixion pen.  I started each side of the final border from the bottom up. I could use my previously stitched lines as a guide to follow moving my way towards the top.
 There was a bit of fullness in the bottom of the quilt. Using a steam iron, Best Press spray and maneuvering the fabric, I was able to ease it all in.  You will notice a few wrinkles (not tucks...luckily) in the piano keys.  These as well as a basting line will iron out fine.

 The rest of the photos...are just more photos.  :)

This quilt belongs to Geneva


  1. Gorgeous and amazing! You are soooo talented! It takes a lot of creativity to figure out how to quilt a quilt! Do you mind if I ask where you get your Pilot Frixion pens? Walmart quit selling them! I love them to mark quilts!

    Cheery wave!


  2. Magnificent!! Bravo! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely result Karen, thanks for sharing your technique. It's always nice to know how other quilters "do" their techniques.

  4. Oh, so gorgeous! What a beauty! And thanks for the input on the techniques you used. Really helpful! Thanks!

  5. Wow, fantastisch!!
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  6. Karen qué trabajo tan fantástico!!! el acolchado está genial...un beso

  7. Another stunner! I love the texture you have created. You have created a real heirloom.

  8. Amazing quilt and amazing quilting. I've never seen rulers being used like this before so I've leaned a new technique. You really are a talented lady.

  9. That was already a beautiful, simple but striking top, and your quilting just made it come to life. Thanks for sharing the details. I love it.

  10. Your quilting lines are wonderful! The stitches really shine in the lovely quilt ~

  11. The quilt turned out so great! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. OMG! it is fabulous! really Fabulous!

  13. Espectacular! Eres toda una maestra en el arte del acolchado. Felicitaciones!


  14. Wow ! What a great job on the quilting Karen! Perfect of the quilt!



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