September 6, 2012

Tutorial: Loading multiple quilt tops

This is a quick tutorial for customers who would like small quilt tops, place mats or table runners machine quilted using the same backing.
Here are two of Jackie's small quilt tops.  I use one large piece of backing, enough to fit both tops plus a few extra inches between each quilt.  I add the batting and run a horizontal straight stitch using my horizontal lock.  Placing the first quilt top along the horizontal stitch, i pin the quilt along the straight line and secure with a basting stitch.  
I continue with my quilting process (in this case i am using a panto called Waterworld) stitching down the side seams, keeping the quilt as square as possible and away i go.
Before i complete quilting the first top, i add  another horizontal  straight stitch just below the bottom of the quilt in progress.  Again i pin and baste the second quilt into place and continue stitching the pantograph with no break between the quilts. 
i do remove the pins after basting!  :)
 This next picture simply shows the second quilt finished
The next step of course is to cut apart the two quilts, trim and bind.  If you have small items that can use the same backing fabric, ask your longarmer if he or she would prefer to load them together.


  1. I never considered this a possibility. I've wondered how you did small items on a longarm!

  2. I wondered if that what you Longarmers' did? Now I know for sure!

  3. Have you ever done 2 items side by side? Even w different fabric? I was considering doing that to get two baby quilts done faster. But I wasn't sure about it so I did one on my regular sewing machine, and one on my mid arm. (I was having trouble w my mid arm at the time anyway.)



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