September 30, 2012

Fall Fun

 We flip the calendar tomorrow and in preparation...
 i've taken up the season. 

 I've just added this tin below to my collection of fall colors.  Great find and ooohhh do i love the Zig~Zag!  We own a piece of property in a little 'village' called ZigZag near Mt. Hood.  
We hope to build a home their someday soon.

 My squirrel friends are always digging up 
and tossing my pine cones around!


  1. Your decorations are beautiful Love the quilt. I am going to make a Halloween wall hanging for my friend that loves to decorate for Halloween for a Christmas present. She asks for Halloween gifts for Christmas.

  2. OMG I wish I could pop over to really see your creative work, I love what I see!I the love the orange pansy's in with the pinecones.

  3. Looking good Karen!!! I'm hoping to get my place up to par by the end of the week! The pansy's are looking great out front with the pinecones and grass! Miss you lots but had an awesome time with you as always! Cheri George

  4. Beautiful quilt and decorations. It's always such a treat to pop over and see you creations.

  5. Wow your fall displays! The quilt is great! Can yo tell us who designed the pattern?
    I love the caged black bird.



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